American Idol: Taylor Hicks' memoir gets release date
Taylor Hicks, the winner of American Idol's fifth season, has found a release date for his upcoming memoir.  The book is entitled “Heart Full of Soul” and will be released to the public on Tuesday, July 10.  The book will be released by Rand House Publishing.

Taylor Hicks memoir is an “inspirational memoir about finding your voice and finding your way.”  Fair enough.  The silver haired blues singer has found mild success since winning Idol, but has been overshadowed a few fellow members of season 5.  Chris Daughtry, the fourth place finisher, has especially taken the world by storm, selling over two million records.  Katherine McPhee and Elliot Yamin haven't had Daughtry level sales, but both have done quite well.  Hicks, however, is the first to write a book.

He didn't write it alone, however.  “Heart Full of Soul” was ghost-written by former Rolling Stone scribe David Wild.  It's been reported that Taylor received a hefty $750,000 advance to write the memoirs, which does seem a bit high.  It's unclear how well American Idol fame will translate into book sales, but Hicks and company seem optimistic.

The book is 272 pages long.  There is no word on font size (as of yet; we'll keep you updated).  You can pre-order it anywhere you would normally pre-order a book. 

Taylor Hicks has been unfairly chastised for his lack of post-Idol success, and there are a significant portion of Idol fans who don't believe he deserved to win the whole thing.  His performance during the Idol finale, however, was the type of thing that reminds everyone just how good he can be.  He's a unique dude with a style on his own, and there's no shame in feeling good about him and his Idol victory.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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