'American Idol' Spoilers: Which City Has the Most Singers in the Top 31?
'American Idol' Spoilers: Which City Has the Most Singers in the Top 31?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The auditions are over on American Idol season 13 and now it's off to Hollywood, where 181 people's dreams will be crushed. Hollywood Week is grueling, but at the end we'll know which singers will compete for our votes on the live shows.

Or we can just check out the season 13 spoilers to see who will be moving on so we know which singers to get care about and which ones we shouldn't get invested in.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains American Idol season 13 spoilers!

As we previously wrote, season 13 will feature a Top 31, with 15 women and 16 men. For the men, America will get to choose between two potential candidates for the Top 30. Then, on Tuesday, February 18 and Wednesday, February 19, we'll see them perform.

Since the auditions are over, we can look back and see which of this year's seven audition cities brought us the most finalists and which cities came up short.

The most impressive statistic, however, is that FOX actually showed us 30 of the 31 finalists. Whether complete auditions or put together in a montage, we've already seen and heard nearly every single finalist from season 13, which is something that never happens.

The only singer not featured on the auditions was George Lovett, a repeat contestant who auditioned in Atlanta. It's hard not to feel bad for him since every other finalist has received some TV time, so check out his official Road to Hollywood video.

Now here's a look at the cities with the most and fewest finalists, both male and female. Below is a complete breakdown of the Top 31 by city.

City with the Most Finalists

Atlanta was definitely Hot-lanta this season, as 10 of the Top 31 auditioned in that city. Maybe that's why they didn't have time for George. Salt Lake City followed with seven finalists and Detroit had six. That's nearly three-quarters of the finalists coming from just three cities.

City with the Fewest Finalists

The auditions ended with Omaha, and that city was definitely the biggest loser with only one contestant making it to the Top 31 (shy North Dakotan Andrina Brogden). Boston and Austin weren't much better with only two singers apiece, while San Francisco only had three.

Cities with the Most Men and Women

Two-thirds of the men this season come from two cities as Atlanta and Salt Lake City both featured five male finalists each. Meanwhile, the ladies of Atlanta and Detroit represent more than half of this year's field, with five from the former and four from the latter.

Cities with the Fewest Men and Women

Omaha is the only city with absolutely no male finalists, while Boston and San Francisco only have one man each (Sam Woolf and Emmanuel Zidor). For the women, Austin is the only city with no finalists, with Boston and Omaha only boasting one each (Jill Jensen and the aforementioned Brogden).

Here's the complete breakdown of which cities the Top 31 finalists auditioned in:


Ben Briley (Atlanta)
Caleb Johnson (Atlanta)
George Lovett (Atlanta)
Jordan Brisbane (Atlanta)
Neco Starr (Atlanta)

Malcolm Allen (Austin)
Spencer Lloyd (Austin)

Sam Woolf (Boston)

Ethan Harris (Detroit)
Maurice Townsend (Detroit)

Emmanuel Zidor (San Francisco)

Alex Preston (Salt Lake City)
Briston Maroney (Salt Lake City)
C.J. Harris (Salt Lake City)
Casey Thrasher (Salt Lake City)
Dexter Roberts (Salt Lake City)

Bria Anai Johnson (Atlanta)
Emily Piriz (Atlanta)
Jessica Meuse (Atlanta)
Kristen O'Connor (Atlanta)
Majesty York (Atlanta)

Jillian Jensen (Boston)

Brandy Neelly (Detroit)
Jena Irene (Detroit)
Malaya Watson (Detroit)
Marrialle Sellars (Detroit)

Andrina Brogden (Omaha)

Briana Oakley (San Francisco)
M.K. Nobilette (San Francisco)

Austin Wolfe (Salt Lake City)
Kenz Hall (Salt Lake City)

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