'American Idol' Spoilers: Top 12 Girls' Set List
'American Idol' Spoilers: Top 12 Girls' Set List
Hey Idol fans, we have the list of the songs the Top 12 girls will be performing, and in what order, thanks to Joe's Place Blog and Rickey.org. The taping was yesterday (Monday), and the performances will air Wednesday night, March 2. Here is the guys' set list for tonight, if you're curious.

Here's what the girls will be singing on Wednesday:

1. Tatynisa Wilson - "Only Girl (in the world)" by Rihanna

2. Naima Adedapo - "Summertime" by George Gershwin

3. Kendra Chantelle - "Impossible" by Christina Aguilera

4. Rachel Zevita - "Criminal" by Fiona Apple

5. Karen Rodriguez - "Hero" (in Spanish and English) by Mariah Carey

6. Lauren Turner - "Seven Day Fool" by Etta James (Jully Black also did a cover recently)

7. Ashthon Jones - "Love All Over Me" by Monica

8. Julie Zorilla - "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson

9. Haley Reinhart - "Fallin" by Alicia Keys

10. Thia Megia - "Out Here On My Own" by Irene Cara

11. Lauren Alaina - "Turn On the Radio" by Reba McEntire

12. Pia Toscano - "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders

Rumor has it the judges loved Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, and Lauren Turner, and that Karen Rodriguez did well but only got mediocre feedback. Rachel Zevita, Naima Adedapo. Ashthon Jones, and Julie Zorilla are rumored to have gotten negative feedback from the judges.

Overall, I think there's a bit more variety in the guys' song choices, but a lot of these make sense for showing off vocal ability. It seems like a lot of ballads, and I'm surprised to see Haley Reinhart singing "Fallin'," as I wish that song could be banned from American Idol forever. I'm also surprised by Tatynisa Wilson's choice to sing "Only Girl (in the World)" because it seems like that song might not translate to a live performance very well. But they offered it as one of the songs in the group round, so what do I know? (Nothing. I know nothing.)

I'm most excited to see Lauren Turner. She has really come out of the woodwork in the recent episodes of Idol, and I love her song choice. I think she will nail it. I also think Thia Megia chose a good song for this stage in the competition, and I think Lauren Alaina's song choice will be fun (a breath of fresh air amidst all the ballads).

Do any of these song choices surprise you? Too many ballads, not enough, or just right?

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(image courtesy of FOX)