American Idol: Season 9's Shady Past
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Let the scandals begin. It happens every audition season, inevitably one of the auditioners who American Idol chose to focus on has an unknown arrest record, naked pictures, or a previous recording contract that managed to sneak past Idol's crack background check.

It's not even Hollywood week and season 9 is shaping up to have it's own scandals. Not only is there Matt Lawrence, who we already know robbed a bank with a bebe gun, Toddrick Hall's possibly shady past, and Angela Martin's missing mom, now there is also the shirtless wonder's arrest record and a Denver auditioner exposed as a habitual reality TV contestant.

Let's start with the shirtless wonder (birth name: Casey James), he of easy smiled, handsome face, exposed pecs, and just exposed jail time. Turns out the guy that got the ladies swooning has spent some time in jail for driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless driving. broke the story this morning, with all the detail about Casey's two stints in jail in 2001 and 2002. Of course, that was seven years ago and people can change nasty habits in that time and hopefully learn valuable life lessons, like don't drive drunk, moron. However, part of me thinks there's a swath of America who's a lot less understanding about drinking and driving than say, Frenchie Davis' sexy pics that got her kicked off of Idol. Plus, wasn't this guy introduced with a sad story about a nasty motorcycle accident? That's a lot less sob and sympathetic of a story if his arrest record had come into play...the plot thickens.

Next to join the season 9 scandal sheet is the helium voiced, supremely annoying, supposedly named Nicci Nix. If Nicci looked a little familiar, her 14 hour flight from Florence seemed fishy,  and her voice just seemed a little too high and affected to be believable, you would be right. Nicci Nix, once known as Nicole Palmeri, is something of a reality TV veteran. Zap2It and TMZ broke the story this morning, exposing Nicci/Nicole as a repeat reality TV offender. She's previously appeared on Fear Factor, Making the Band, Next, and Date My Mom. Back then, her voice didn't sound like a smurf on helium and she said she was from California. I knew there was something off about this girl from moment one, and I was right. I hope she gets called out on her fame seeking past during Hollywood, I'll grab the popcorn.

Nicci's even recorded a few music videos, which make Paris Hilton seem like a song writing virtuoso. Stars are blind y'all...but reality TV watchers aren't. Here's Nicci's masterpiece "Sexcessful Virgin," listen at your ears' peril.

Who do you think will be the next season 9 auditioner to be struck with a scandal? Hollywood Week always provides some doozies.

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