American Idol Season 9: Orlando Auditions, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
American Idol Season 9: Orlando Auditions, Live Thoughts (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The search for the next American Idol continues tonight in sunny Orlando, Florida; a city we sincerely hope has more genuine contenders than Chicago. 12,000 auditioners and 13 golden tickets? You almost have better odds winning the Lotto.

I am hopeful that last night's trend of awesome celebrity guest judging continues tonight with the bubbly blonde addition of Kristin Chenoweth to the panel. Hopefully her Broadway background means at least one kid singing a show tune will get through to Hollywood.

Follow along with me and all the Florida hopefuls tonight as I live thought American Idol does Disney World! Err... I mean, the Orlando auditions for American Idol. Though I will be taking side bets on Disney World or Epcot Center being mentioned at least once tonight. As always you can follow along with me here and in my delightful 140 character and less quips on Twitter. And remember, according to spoilers, there are at least 21 names you should keep a look out for tonight.

I had so much fun with last night's Official Shania Rating System that tonight's recap will include an Official Rating System featuring the many adorable faces of Kristin Chenoweth. Hopefully there are more auditions that make Kristin give the thumbs up:

thumbs_Up_Kristin.jpgThen auditions that make her want to pull out her hair (and ours):

pull_out_your_hair.jpg10,000 folks have showed up for Idol auditions in Orlando -- hopefully more than 10 of them are talented enough to get that golden ticket .. or at least one of the train-wrecks inspires a meme instead of nightmares.

30 seconds in and we already have a Disney reference, Epcot Center, and "When You Wish Upon a Star...." I should have made that side bet with you guys.

Mr. Sequins - Theo

We're starting tonight with the trainwreck, Theo, who has sequins glued to his face (really) and a matching scarf that Steven Tyler and Stevie Nicks are totally going to fight over. Don't believe me? Behold:

mrsequins.JPGTheo shouts Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker," I think, I can't stop focusing on the sequins...and the feather...and the glitter....and the scarf. He gets four no's and fashion-cum-life advice from Kara -- "you're better than all that and you smell nice." Theo is blinded by his own sequins apparently, because he gets lost at least three times trying to leave the room.

How does Kristin Chenoweth feel about Theo's audition? Confused.

confused_kristin.jpgAwful in Orlando Montage

People in chicken suits! A scary mask! Lots of nos! Simon insults! ("You sang like you sat on a cat.") And two very very perky girl judges, together Kara and Kristin have been transformed into long lost sorority sisters. K2 forever and ever! Simon is having the appropriate reaction ... looking like he wants to kill the brand new BFFs.

Seth Rollins

The producers pull out the sob story for Seth, a son with autism and lots of heart-tugging home footage with his son. There are even some pre-audition tears and sad acoustic music for Seth and his son throwing a tantrum as Dad goes in for his audition. ("No!" he cries  "I want to go with Daddy!" as Ryan Seacrest looks on with increasing panic. do. not. want. to. touch. real. living. child. might. hurt. hair.) Let's be frank, Seth is making it to Hollywood, there's no way they're showing you all this for him to be terrible. Seth sings a soul rendition of Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me" and even Simon is smiling. He has some pitch issues but sounds like Luther Vandross going to church. He gets four yeses from the judges and a million % yes from Kara.

How does Kristin Chenoweth feel about Seth's audition? Love you!

love_you.jpgWe've got our first golden ticket in Orlando and the repeated promise of THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. EPISODE. EVER. And footage looks like it's from Cops, not Amerian Idol.


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