American Idol, Season 6: Top 5 best judges' moments
American Idol got it right when they hired their judges.

They aren't perfect (not even close, actually, but nor should they be).  However, the density of their appeal cannot be overlooked.  The judges add to the proceedings on a number of different levels, including musical expertise, comedy, unintentional comedy, intra-judge conflict, judge/contestant conflict, judge/Seacrest conflict, etc.  Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul all serve wildly different purposes, but they are all necessary.  They are the stars of the first month of the season, serving as Idol's placeholder appeal while viewers get to know and identify their favorite singers.  Without the right combination of judges, it's hard to say what would've become of Idol.

Simon Cowell is the alpha dog on the judges panel, the only one willing to really humiliate singers in front of millions of people.  It is admirable, really, that he has found the ability to forgo the feelings of others in the name of truth.  He instigates most of the best judges moments, as you'll find on our list.  The list is meant to reflect the most memorable judges moments of the season.  Please feel free to tell us if you disagree with the list or have a moment you think we should add. 

Click below to get started. Each moment is accompanied by a YouTube clip, for your enjoyment.  YouTube is the best.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of MSNBC)