American Idol: San Diego Auditions Recap
The American Idol auditions decided to forgo the usual stop in Los Angeles this season and instead took their circus down a hundred miles or so to San Diego.  I was actually in San Diego right before the auditions began for a little thing called San Diego Comic-Con and let's just say that the tourists were abundant.  Tonight's episode was only one hour, and thank goodness.  I love the audition episodes, but two hours is just excessive.  American Idol actually featured an inordinate amount of quality auditions tonight, which was a pleasant surprise.  Of course, there were also a fair share of wackos. 

The Good:

Tetiana Ostapowych:

This pretty lady of Eastern European descent came in with some attitude, but showed off some talent along with it.  She has a nice, low voice that she controls well.  Simon told her that she's not as good as she thinks she is, but the judges all give her a yes.

Perrie Cataldo:

The touching story of a single father, widower, who takes care of his three year old son.  Seems like a really good guy, and he can sing too.  I wasn't as big a fan as the judges were of his Boyz II Men rendition, but maybe it's because I so revered that group back in the early nineties.  My first CD ever was Boyz II Men 2.  To be fair, I was young and stupid. 

Michael Johns:

This Aussie-born, Los Angeles transplant is the most impressive male singer so far.  He's a soul singer at heart and, as far as I can remember, Idol hasn't had a really successful white soul singer in its history.  He reminds me of Jamie Lidell. 

Samantha Musa:

Samantha and her sister are Simon fanatics.  So much so, that I thought she was a nut who would suck at singing.  Not so.  Perhaps the best female of the night, Samantha is natural and talented.  I think she may surprise some people in Hollywood. 

David Archuleta:

A sixteen year old who previously suffered from vocal paralysis, David has a nice raspy voice.  He's got great control and tone for someone so young.  Maybe the best young singer we've seen so far.

Carly Smithson:

From Ireland, Carly tried out two years ago but was disqualified after she'd made it to Hollywood because her visa paperwork didn't make it through.  She's got some incredible pipes, though points have to be taken off for her and her husband's excess amount of tattoos.

The Bad:

Monique Gibson /Christopher Baker:

These friends showed up brimming with confidence and they followed each other with horrendously terrible performances.  They were so confident in their abilities, however, that they could not take a hint.  No matter how much the judges told them they weren't good and they were done, the duo continued to sing.  Afterwards, they both talked some smack to the cameras, feeling they'd been wronged.

Blake Boshnak:

Blake has auditioned for American Idol eleven times.  Need I say more?  His mom is one of those over-bearing stage moms, or so I suspect, and she's allowed his futile persistence to, well, persist.  He's OK, a bit delusional, and he needs to be stopped.  Get a life, Blake.  It just isn't going to happen.

Sarah Long:

Weird blonde girl who sings like a toddler with a mouth full or Gerber's. 

The Baffling:

Valerie Reyes:

The award for “Most Delusional” in San Diego goes to Valerie.  She worships Mariah Carey, only sings her songs, and thinks she sings exactly like Mariah.  She definitely tries, but the results are horrifying.  After she stops singing, Valerie is so proud of herself, thinking she had just dominated the audition.  Uh-uh.  When the judges slap her with the cold glove of truth, Valerie's face melts.  She is completely and utterly shocked.  Her whole world has just been shook.

Joseph and Juanita Mejia:

The best gimmick act of the night.  One brother is dressed like the most cliché member of a mariachi band ever and sings, while the other is dressed as the most cliché mime ever and mimes along with his brother's song. Frankly, these two didn't receive nearly enough screen time. 

Alberto Hurtado:

Crazy person of the night.  Alberto is a fat, shy hippie who brings in a large fan to the audition and sings a song he composed himself about his miserable life.  He sings in a barely audible whisper and it made me feel icky inside.  Weird guy.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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