American Idol: San Antonio Auditions
American Idol finishes up its country-wide search for America's next pop star with a stop in San Antonio, Texas.  Although this is the final city American Idol will be visiting this year, it won't be the final audition episode.  Tomorrow night FOX will air a "best of the rest" audition episode, composed entirely from footage we haven't seen.  Below are my quick thoughts on tonight's San Antonio auditions.  I'll be back tomorrow with a full recap of the episode.
  • Simon arrives jet-lagged because he had just flown from London to San Antonio, which is a pretty long flight.  The first person to audition, a big ol' Texas dude who liked to yell and wore fatigue pants, was welcomed by slurred words from Paula.  Seriously, I wish I knew what Paula was taking. 

  • Haley, a former wedding band singer, attractive, 24 years old from San Antonio gives what I think is the best performance of the night.  The judges are surprisingly lukewarm on it, but let her through anyways.
  • Simon and Randy are particularly mean tonight, laughing repeatedly and making contestants cry.  This makes me laugh as well, which may mean I'm a bad person.
  • We'll be hearing a lot more from Bailey Brown, a blonde, small-town Texas girl who has a great voice.  Mature for a sixteen year old and...well, I'll just say she'll be the apple of many an adolescent boy's eye in the coming weeks.  Simon thought she was incredibly commercial. 
  • A montage about how one of the doors exiting the audition room is always locked.  Hardee freakin' har. 
  • Two cousins audition.  The first one, who obviously isn't serious about singing, does a bass, slow as molasses version of “Amazing Grace”, that is just plain ridiculous.  The judges have a good laugh with him, but then he does something awesome: fakes an angry blow-up yelling at the judges, just to get his cousin on edge. Pretty funny stuff.  His cousin makes it to Hollywood.
  • Ashlyn comes in with a weird, but good weird, kind of voice. Unfortunately, she makes these really bizarre facial expressions while she sings.  The judges painfully give her the boot, but after post-audition discussion they decide to bring Ashlyn back and give her another chance.  She does better and they send her to Hollywood.
And that's about it for highlights. For the full recap, see American Idol: Season 6, Episode 7 Recap.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer