American Idol: Sabrina Sloan and Sundance Head to Record Duet Album
It was announced yesterday that season six American Idol finalists Sabrina Sloan and Sundance Head will record a duet album on Universal Records Motown.  The record company has signed a deal with Sabrina Sloan, who will first record the duet album and then follow it up with her first solo record.  The duo is set to hit the studio in mid-August and are targeting a November 2007 release date.  It is reported that just days after Sloan's elimination from American Idol, representatives from Universal Motown contacted Sloan's camp about a possible record deal. 

It is widely believed that Sloan and Head were two of the best pure singers on this past season of American Idol, and many fans were dismayed by their early exit.  Upon announcement of the record deal, Sloan said, Speaking about the breaking news, Sloan said, "I can't wait to get into the studio! Sundance is an amazing talent and it's funny that both of us joked about working together when we left the show on the same night and now here we are both signing on with Universal Records. We are thrilled!"

The duets album will feature both classic songs and original material.  Given Sloan's and Head's musical sensibilities and the fact that they are under the Motown label, fans can expect the album to have a distinct soul/R&B sound.  The record will be produced by Peter Collins, who has worked with bands such as Rush and Bon Jovi. 

Personally, I thought Sundance Head had the most potential of any singer on American Idol last season.  He was inconsistent, but when he put it together, his voice blew everyone else's out of the water.  Similarly, Sloan has a classic voice, and it was a shame to see her go so early in the competition.  Putting these two into the studio should produce some great results.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)