'American Idol' Rumor Mill: Paula to be Replaced by Sharon Osbourne?
These kind of things are bound to happen.  Some “news outlets” will report that a major change is on the way for American Idol and it will turn into a big national story.  So, let's try and nip this in the bud: As of right now, Paula Abdul has not been fired and Sharon Osbourne has not been hired as the new judge on American Idol.  Some sites are reporting such a personnel change is imminent, but it's not.  If you like Paula, then you can relax.  If you wish Paula were fired, you're going to have to be patient. 

Although the reports of Paula's firing have no basis in reality, it's still an interesting topic of discussion for a Monday in July.  These rumors bring up two pertinent questions: Should Paula Abdul be fired from American Idol?  And, if Paula were to be fired, would Sharon Osbourne be a good replacement?

I am of the belief that American Idol is legitimately hurt by the presence of Paula Abdul.  She is at times incomprehensible.  She very rarely provides any insight.  Her musical talent is, at best, questionable and therefore has little credibility when critiquing.  She likes almost everything and everyone.  I don't hate Paula Abdul.  She's a nice enough lady, or so it seems, and I wish her the best.  However, considering that American Idol is the biggest TV show in the universe, you'd think they could find a better judge.  Yes, loyalty is surely a factor, and Simon Cowell has been a big supporter of Abdul in the past, but even he must realize that the franchise can do better.

Would Sharon Osbourne be a quality replacement?  Eh.  Her presence on America's Got Talent has been OK, and she's more coherent than Abdul, but she also has some negative qualities.  First, her voice is a bit annoying.  Second, I question the depth of her technical musical knowledge.  I know she has managed Ozzy's career for decades, but she's never been a musician and, therefore, you have to question her ability to give the singers constructive criticism.  I do believe that she would be an upgrade over Abdul. 

Who do you think would be a good replacement for Paula Abdul, if she were to be relieved of her judging duties?  The ideal candidate would be an out-spoken, kind-hearted, insightful ex-female musician willing to commit to American Idol long-term.  So, in other words, a replacement will be difficult to find.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Photo courtesy of FOX)