'American Idol' Roundup: Simon Cowell's Engagement, Michael Johns Does Air Supply and Idols Doing TV
One week down, many more weeks to go. Now, before I head out to watch Carrie Underwood on How I Met Your Mother, how about another look at the rest of the American Idol universe? On today's roundup: more on Simon Cowell's supposed engagement, Michael Johns' odd collaboration, and more Idol graduates appearing on television.

Is Simon Cowell engaged, or isn't he? The rumor's been floating for days, and we've seen a handful of denials, but a source now tells People that Simon is indeed engaged to make-up artist Mezghan Hussainy. Their proof: the lady's got a large diamond ring on her left hand. And to think Simon was grumpy last week on Idol...

Michael Johns and... Air Supply? The season 7 finalist is indeed collaborating with Air Supply, who I remember for populating my early years with these cheesy soft rock ballads that are partly annoying and partly, well, interesting. He's performing with the band on "Hold On", a track off the upcoming album Mumbo Jumbo. You can grab the song for free from the band's website.

Elliott Yamin watch: he's doing fine. "At this point, [it's] very hard to speculate when I'll be getting outta here," he tweeted. "The airport and the airlines are screwed. Was gonna be Wednesday, [but] now that's changed."

What's keeping him afloat? "There's absolutely no way to emulate the sound of Otis Redding!" he later tweeted. "One of my favorite artists of all time, and he's keeping me sane right now!" And his insulin supply's working fine. Thank heavens.

Katharine McPhee acting on your telly? Why not? The season 5 runner-up snagged a role in a comedy pilot for NBC, The Pink House. It stars John Fitzgerald and Rob Burnett as two Midwesterners who move to a beach house in LA to get past their quarter-life crises. McPhee will play Emily, another Midwesterner who lives near the two guys.

Dear Katharine McPhee: Please get your black hair back. Oh, and speaking of a television pilot...

And finally... Kristen McNamara, Norman Gentle and Tatiana on your telly? They just shot a pilot for a reality show called Takin' Over Hollywood, and... this teaser looks promising.

Anything for me to see Tatiana again... wait, so she's an actress now?

(Image courtesy of WENN)