'American Idol' Roundup: No Jamie Foxx, Begging for Ayla Brown, and Sir Simon Cowell?
In the middle of the Grammys heat, there's more stuff on the American Idol front to deal with, involving a senator-to-be, a possible knight, and the ongoing search for Simon Cowell's replacement. Some race this turned out to be.

Please bring my daughter back. Please? Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown told ABC's Barbara Walters that he hopes to see his daughter, former contestant Ayla Brown, return to American Idol. "She's grown ... she's 17 and had never even put on make-up before [the show]," he said. "It'd be great for her and for the show." My eyes start rolling.

Jamie Foxx isn't going to judge. "I would love to do it, but I don't think I would be able to do it," he told E! Online, citing a busy schedule. "I don't think I could fill Simon's shoes, but I would give it another perspective ... what I want is for the kids to go from being contest participants to artists, and that's where I would come in."

And their other options? "I said from the beginning that I like the idea of Tommy [Mottola], because he's somebody who really created a lot of stars," Kara DioGuardi told BuzzSugar. "Just somebody who has a lot of opinions and a big personality. And there are a bunch of them out there! I can even see someone from the country world, maybe a Garth Brooks or a Vince Gill. I think a lot of people that love country music tune in; they're a large part of our audience, so I think that would be an interesting flip on it."

So what really is happening? There's goss of Simon and newbie Ellen DeGeneres not talking once the cameras stop rolling, but Randy Jackson insists everything has been "really chill". Unless, of course, he means chilly bad.

And finally... Sir Simon? Reports say he could be getting a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in light of his charity work. Facebook groups and a formal petition to Downing Street aside, a source told Daily Star Sunday that Prime Minister Gordon Brown "admires all the work [Simon] does" and would "back any attempt to get Simon knighted-if it's not in June, then in the New Year's Honours list."

(Image courtesy of ABC)