'American Idol' Roundup: Misinterpreted Simon, Not-So-Dating David, and, Well, More Ellen
Because since Wednesday night all I've heard is stuff about Ellen, Ellen and Ellen.  Well, there are still stuff about Ellen DeGeneres joining American Idol in this roundup, sure, but there are other people on the show too, you know.  It wasn't on for nine years for nothing...

Number one: No, David Cook did not buy someone an engagement ring.  "One tabloid said I had been spotted in a jewelry store, picking out a ring," the season 7 winner told The Grand Rapids Press.  "I never even went into a jewelry store.  Where do they get this stuff?"

I don't know, David, but I guess you just have that many fans?  Or doppelgängers?

"I've dated more people without my knowledge in the last year," he quipped.  "It is stressful when my mom calls up and says, 'You didn't tell me you were with so and so.' I'm like, 'Mom, I'm not!'"

Tell that to your fans who made you a Twitter trending topic for a couple of days.

Number two: It was just a joke.  Really.  Simon Cowell did tell The Early Show that if the Beatles were on here today, and if they decided to go on American Idol, he says three-fourths of the band would've made it through--and drummer Ringo Starr would've made the cut.

"Regarding my comments on the Beatles, it was a joke," he later told Access Hollywood.  "I have always said they were the group I have always wished I had signed."

It's what I call British humor.  Right?  Right?

Number three: As for the other judges on Ellen DeGeneres...
it's quite simple, actually.

Randy Jackson: "There's so much music industry insider talk with me and Simon and Kara that I didn't think we needed any more of that.  Ellen hit it right on the head--I think she could be the voice of the people."

Kara DioGuardi: "She is somebody who has watched the show from the beginning, knows everything there is to know about American Idol, and I think ultimately it's going to be a great new energy."

That, and the fact that she isn't the new one already.  Whether people will slag off Ellen joining the show is an entirely different matter.

Number four: And Ellen herself... "I'm gonna be so mean, that I'm gonna turn into a whole different person," she told the paps for TMZ.  "I'll be the meanest judge that you'll ever seen."

Well, she meant "gentle mean", but... cue fantasy sequence.  I imagine Ellen dancing all over Simon.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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