'American Idol' Roundup: James Durbin Ties The Knot, Kelly Clarkson Gets Sales Bump
'American Idol' Roundup: James Durbin Ties The Knot, Kelly Clarkson Gets Sales Bump
New year, new season of American Idol and yet another news roundup to get you kids going. So what happened while we were all gone?

James Durbin gets hitched: last season's fourth placer finally tied the knot with longtime sweetheart Heidi Lowe on New Year's Eve, People reports. The two exchanged vows at the Santa Cruz Mountains in central California, with fellow Idol alumni Haley Reinhart, Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone attending. (Stefano was best man, as we mentioned last time.) Performing that night was Geoff Tate, frontman for prog metal band Queensryche, who belted out the couple's favorite song, "Take Hole of the Flame". Keeping it rock and roll, yes?

Elsewhere in the Idol-sphere...

Did Kelly Clarkson's Ron Paul endorsement get her a sales bump? Entertainment Weekly reports that her latest album, Stronger, peaked at the 11th spot on the iTunes album charts, and is at 14th on Amazon. No official numbers for this week yet, but her album wasn't doing badly when it was released a few months back, debuting at number two on the Billboard charts. No saying if her controversial Twitter endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate really did help her sales figures...

Speaking of new albums, Lee DeWyze promises he'll get a second album out soon, provided he finds a new record deal. The season 9 winner was dropped from RCA's roster after his album stalled in the charts, but in an interview with RedEye, DeWyze promised a sophomore release where he has more creative control. "I definitely have been able to write the songs I want to write and take my time on it," he said. New material include a few "folk-country" songs, he says, which makes me half-curious and half-scared.

Back to last season, then: Lauren Alaina wants to go acting! "I've always been interested in acting, since I was a little girl," she told TVLine. "And while at this point in my career I'm not really ready for it, at some point, I would love to get into acting." Not a surprising progression considering how her bubbly (to an extent, if you ask me) personality came across during her time on Idol. Now, for that From Justin to Kelly sequel we've written up...

Finally, new details on the upcoming Idol season, which premieres on January 18:

Audition episodes will start on January 18 (the two-hour premiere) and continue until February 8. There will also be an extra audition episode airing on Sunday, January 22, at 10pm ET/7pm PT. That's eight episodes' worth of good and bad singers.

Hollywood week kicks off on February 9, with two more episodes on February 15-16. A "performance challenge" episode (not sure if this is like last season's Vegas round, or their performances in a hangar) airs on February 22, and the Top 24 will be named the following day.

Like last year, there'll only be one week of semifinal performances: one batch sings on February 28 (that's their 400th episode), the other sings on February 29, and the Top 12 (including the Wild Card picks) are announced on March 1. Then we get serious on March 7, when the Top 12 take the big stage.

Want spoilers? The folks at The Idol Pad have figured out some of those headed to the "Performance Challenge" thingie.

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(Image courtesy of People magazine)