'American Idol' Roundup: Ellen DeGeneres' Homosexuality = Low Ratings?
It may seem like an unusually slow weekend on American Idol, but that's because everything's on video. Well, almost everything -- I can't find a video of Lee Dewyze performing the National Anthem at the NBA Finals earlier just yet. But we've got videos to show you: Simon Cowell, Scott MacIntyre, Lee Dewyze and some clips from Adam Lambert's GlamNation tour, all thanks of MJsBigBlog.

But we begin with some pretty outrageous statements from Gary McCullough, the director of Christian Newswire. He's got some ideas on why Idol's ratings this year dropped: "lesbian activist" Ellen DeGeneres' homosexuality.

"At this moment in entertainment history, network television is on a pro-homosexuality bender," he wrote. "The producers of American Idol chose to be a part of this push; it was a huge mistake. The consequences of this choice were a drop in market share and a reduction in advertising dollars ... Beyond that, it actually drives away a significant market share of parents and teens who used to watch the show together, until mom and dad decided that the subtle promotion of an 'alternate lifestyle' to their kids was not worth the entertainment trade off."

His point: Ellen's "subtle promotion" of an alternative lifestyle -- her being openly gay and her including "comments in line with their activism" with her critiques, singling out her "yes, I have loved a woman" line during Top 4 week -- is turning away viewers. "You cannot 'pretend' to produce family oriented entertainment; you actually have to deliver the goods," McCollough said.

From where I am... she hasn't really told Katie Stevens to go lesbian when her five prom dates dump her, right? That's just wrong.

Okay, enough with the series stuff: it's video time! We begin with season 8 contestant Scott MacIntyre, who appeared on a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week as that infamous umpire Joe Joyce:

Video two: Simon Cowell accepted a special award from the BAFTAs in London last Saturday. Here's his quite heartfelt acceptance speech:

Videos three and four are from Adam Lambert's GlamNation tour, which kicked off on Thursday night: But first, the front acts (and new collaborators) Allison Iraheta and Orianthi:

And then, Adam Lambert himself. Here's how he kicked off his concert. Look at all those lights!

Finally, I finally spotted a video of Lee Dewyze performing the National Anthem at game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. I wonder whose side he is on? I'm guessing... Boston.

(Image courtesy of FOX)