'American Idol' Roundup: Bret Michaels As Simon Cowell's Replacement?
It's another American Idol roundup, kids, and this time we've got more old material from Idol winner Lee Dewyze, and Bret Michaels stating his case as to why he'd do well as a judge on the show.

But first, exiting band leader Rickey Minor clarifies that reports of him not taking his snub at the Idol finale last week were "blown out of proportion". He told the Los Angeles Times that the show simply ran out of time. "It was up on the screen to thank me, but it's hit or miss if we run over and you can bet that the finale is going to run over, but we're all good," he said. We'll see him again, of course, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno next week.

The ever-so-resilient Bret Michaels told People that he'd make a great judge on American Idol. That, after his casual remarks that he could "possibly" be a judge on the show, plus Simon Cowell suggesting the Poison vocalist and reality star as a good replacement.

"I was honored that Simon said that, and I would be honored to do it," he said. "For a lot of these young musicians, I'd be able to give them incredibly awesome and very, very real advice. Not just the music, but their attitude and what it's gonna take. Because everyone forgets one simple thing: Once you get chosen as the winner, you still have a big road ahead."

If Bret does end up being a judge on the show -- remember reports that Idol will have guest judges replace Simon next year? -- it wouldn't be his first time as a reality show judge: he also appeared on Nashville Star.

TMZ got their hands on a Lee Dewyze cover of Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People", which was apparently released by his old record label, Wuji Records. The website reports that the song didn't make the cut on either of Lee's pre-Idol records. Now that he's won Idol, folks at Wuji plan on releasing more of Lee's old material, but a rep tells MJsBigBlog that they'll be coordinating with Lee about such plans.

Finally, Simon Cowell gets more honors, this time from the UK's BAFTA TV Awards. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will be honored for his contribution to developing new talent through a special award in next week's ceremonies. Simon, of course, has Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor across the pond.

(Image courtesy of FOX)