'American Idol' Round-up: Hollywood Week is Here and Ghosts of Hollywood Week on 'Glee'
What's going on with the latest season of American Idol? Who's going to be on Glee? How are former Idol contestants doing? When will we have new pictures from this season to use?

Hollywood Week is Upon Us (in Real Time)
If you felt the pop culture tectonic plates shifting recently, here's why: sources say "more than 200 'Idol' hopefuls" are in L.A. this week (and next week) for Idol's "Hollywood Week," where they will be narrowed down to a Top 12 by Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson. Ryan Seacrest is there, too. According to Too Fab, more hopefuls made it than usual this season now that they've lowered the age limit to 15. Apparently there are a lot of super-talented 15-year olds out there this year.

Former Idol Contestant on Glee
No, it's not Jennifer Hudson (Jennifer Hudson, we love you! you look great!). His name is Luke Edgemon and now he's a member of Glee's Dalton Academy Warblers. He auditioned several times but you may recognize him from Hollywood Week Season 9. [Zap2it]
So if this is news-worthy does that mean Kurt's going to stick around at Dalton for a while?

Former Idol Winners (and Almost-Winners) Still Winners
Carrie Underwood was selected as one of CMT's Artists of the Year, because CMT loves them some Carrie Underwood. Also, Adam Lambert just released his 5-song EP, "Acoustic Live!" and it's already on iTunes' Top 10 Albums. Soooooo what's Kris Allen doing? Ford commercials? [Zap2it]

(images courtesy of FOX)