'American Idol' Results: Who Went Home from the Top 10?
'American Idol' Results: Who Went Home from the Top 10?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Tonight on American Idol we find out how strong the Alabama country voters are. There were some great performances this week (despite Harry Connick, Jr. basically raining on everyone's parade), but it seems incredibly obvious to me who deserves to be in the Bottom 3.

M.K., C.J. and Dexter SHOULD be in the Bottom 3. They had the worst performances and the most negative critiques from the judges. However, both C.J. and Dexter have never been in the Bottom 3 and both are country singers from Alabama. Will their local, country support keep them safe yet again?

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It may not matter, because both Jeff Dodge and I are predicting that M.K. will be eliminated. She's been in the Bottom 3 a lot this season and last night she just kind of gave up after messing up the song. You have to be in it to win it, as Harry says, and she just isn't.

THIS...is American Idol!

Besides the results, this episode also features a performance of Jennifer Lopez's grammatically offensive new song, "I Luh Ya Papi." There's also a performance by Harry's unknown pick, a band called Royal Teeth doing their song, "Wild."

The Results, Part 1

Jessica Meuse is...SAFE!
Malaya Watson is...SAFE!
Dexter Roberts is...IN THE BOTTOM 3!

Wow, he deserves it, but I didn't think it would happen. It looks like country doesn't rule like I thought it did. And now it means six of the Top 10 have been in the Bottom 3. I'm also quite excited that Harsh Harry's critique of the lyrics of "Pumped Up Kicks" didn't hurt Jessica.

"I Luh Ya Papi" by Jennifer Lopez

Not only is it J. Lo, but she brought in some ringers. Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez, season 10 standout (and shockingly early exit) Pia Toscano and season 8's last girl standing Allison Iraheta all join her. It's great to see Idol keeping it all in the family and remembering how many great female singers there were during that dry spell for women when five white guys with guitars won in a row.

The Results, Part 2

Alex Preston is...SAFE!
Caleb Johnson is...SAFE!
Majesty Rose is...IN THE BOTTOM 3!

That's another surprise. I figured Majesty improved from last week and got to perform second-to-last, but it seems that wasn't enough. A second week in a row in the Bottom 3 for one of the early favorites is a bad sign for the girls this year. Perhaps the audience is listening to Keith more than Harry, since he didn't really like Majesty that much this week.

The Results, Part 3

C.J. Harris is...SAFE!
Jena Irene is...SAFE!
Sam Woolf is...SAFE!
M.K. Nobilette is...IN THE BOTTOM 3!

It's no surprise at all that M.K. is in the Bottom 3 for a third time. What is surprising is how C.J. continues to be safe. He needed a Wild Card spot to get into the Top 13 and he's been sharp and pitchy the whole time. Yet he's never been in danger?

The Final Results

Majesty Rose is...SAFE!
Dexter Roberts is...SAFE!

M.K. Nobieette is...ELIMINATED!

We didn't get here with the Bottom 3 I expected, but like last week, the outcome is still the same. M.K. had some great performances, but also some terrible ones. And this week she was a trainwreck and just gave up. She sings for the Save, but there's not really any point.

The Judges do NOT use the Save!

As much as I liked her early on, it's not a terrible loss to the competition. She just lacked confidence and stage presence, though her voice is still capable of being lovely.

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