'American Idol' Results: Which Guy is Going Home? (Part III)
'American Idol' Results: Which Guy is Going Home? (Part III)
Bill King
Bill King
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Or could we be in for an Angie Miller shocker? (No.) The elimination carousel continues on American Idol Thursday, and it's difficult to know what to expect on a number of fronts. The first week of results shows featured Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips, and we got tons of filler, a top 3, rankings from 4-10 and rapid-fire results. Then last week, featuring Michelle Kwan mini-J-Lo Jessica Sanchez and Casey Abrams, we got a ton of filler, a BOTTOM three and no rankings at all. Who knows what's on tap tonight?

Actually, there are a couple of things that are certain: Lots of filler, performances by American Idol alum (present company included) and a guy going home. Keith Urban, OneRepublic and Katharine McPhee and Colton Dixon will hit the stage, squeezing in three performances around some form of elimination, as the show once again fails to land any outside superstars. Next week prediction: Kevin Covais and Elliott Yamin stop by! And baby, I will wait for you, cause I don't know what else I can doooooo.

I will never understand exactly why they're so inconsistent with the results format, but maybe it's the only way to provide uncertainty to shows where the end result is so obvious. We all know that Lazaro Arbos deserves to go home, but with his security all but guaranteed, it seems all but certain that Devin Velez' journey is ending. 

I predict a bottom three of Devin, Angie Miller and Burnell Taylor, with an outside shot that Lazaro makes his first appearance there, likely in place of Burnell. And of those four, Angie is the only one I think the judges would consider saving, particularly if she sings her original song to convince them. And I think next week will be part IV of the same article heading. AND if Lazaro ends up leaving at any point soon, I think we'll have a final five of all ladies.

Who do you think will go home? Are you excited for any of the performances? Is it possible we'll be surprised by the results? We're blogging live, so keep your comments coming at the bottom of the article. Let's find out which guy is leaving us!

8 Dreamers, Only 1 American Idol

But we're so far off from THAT decision for now, so let's not get overdramatic. The judges are once again on time, and I feel the need to point that out each week because I'm still amazed someone who gets paid millions of dollars and can easily have a car pick them up and drive them to work BOTH DAYS he or she has to work can still be very late for a two-hour show. 

The top 8 kick things off with Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll." It's the fastest version of the song I've ever heard, and it's like they're trying to cram it in the first four minutes of the show. I will say, all the solos sound spectacular, and I love hearing an upbeat line from Burnell. I think Lazaro is the only one who didn't get his own part of the song. And seriously, everyone else only got ONE LINE, so they must be totally down on him. 

The Idols Give Back

Instead of performing an awkward group number about cars, Ford is sponsoring the contestants to give back. And in the first segment, the top 8 head to a school to sing with kids. They mentor the students and sing Phillip Phillips' "Home." It's cute, and way better than the Ford songs. Though it's always tough to turn away from a train wreck...

Time for a recap of Wednesday night with feedback from Jimmy Iovine. He thinks Candice Glover is an example for all and is destined for the finals. Kree and Janelle's duet made the former look like a pro and the latter look like an amateur. 

Lazaro did much better, Janelle redeemed herself by murdering her cover (no more death references, Jimmy!) and Devin was good but came up short compared to everyone else. The trio of Angie, Amber and Candice was fantastic and delivered a 10 out of 10, with extra love for Angie. 

Burnell was impressive and has transformed himself completely from his nerdy audition days, Angie shouldn't be allowed to pick her own songs and everything was wrong, and Amber was just great. 

The trio of Burnell, Lazaro and Devin murdered their song, but in the bad way. They're a new boy band called Wrong Direction, and it showed the differences between the guys and girls. Jimmy says "one or two of them were off," which means Burnell was great and it's even more hilarious that Devin tried to throw Lazaro under the bus.

Kree has an amazing higher register, and she could win it all. Jimmy think the bottom three are all guys, and he predicts Lazaro is going home.

Whew! Rapid fire criticisms from Jimmy! Aretha Franklin also recorded a special message for Kree, saying her performance was great and she is surely safe. I hope you voted, you Queen of Soul, you!

The First Results and Colton Dixon

Colton was one of the more artist-y contestants in recent seasons, and he was destined for post-Idol success, win or lose. But I didn't expect him to be so exclusively a Christian artist. Faith+1, anyone? Bonus points if you get the reference, even though he's successful without Token on the bass. 

He's singing his new single, "Love has Come For Me," and who doesn't love kick-ass Christian rock? He definitely has potential to be the rare Christian-mainstream crossover, but I don't know if Creed is necessarily the footsteps you want to follow in, considering all the trouble Scott Stapp got himself into. 

Colton was also honored that Angie sang his song, and he thought she killed it (That's not what Christians do, Colton! It's the Fifth Commandment!). 

Katharine McPhee, OneRepublic and Maybe Some Results?

I am not shy about my unabashed love of Katharine McPhee. I know a lot of people are anti, but I think she's super hot and have always loved her voice. It's the only reason I watch Smash, and I was always team Karen over team Ivy for the role of Marilyn Monroe. Also, American Idol season 5 was when I started watching again, after the first season, and the only time I've ever seen the American Idols Live show, when poor Kat McPhee had laryngitis :-(

It was interesting that while heaped in potential, Kat could never fully put it together on the show, outside of when Simon Cowell picked "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for her and she finally emotionally connected with the audience. It was her only brilliant performance, and she's a lot like Amber this season. Still, she made the final two, though Amber has tougher competition than Taylor Hicks. But man, that guy was more fun than anyone is this season, even if he wasn't the best winner.

OneRepublic starts out performing their hit single, "If I Lose Myself," and Kat joins them halfway through, sitting with the top 8. My God, I don't even care what she sounds like, I am borderline obsessed with her. I guess she hit it off with Ryan Tedder when he appeared on Smash last season. Still, I would happily break up her marriage.


This is a very puzzling format for tonight, no? About 45 minutes in, and we've got all our performances out of the way and ZERO results. Four-time Grammy-winner Keith Urban takes the stage next, performing his hit single "Long Hot Summer." He might be associated with the show, but he's got that Bon Jovi flair of just plain knowing what he's doing. None of the American Idol alum that we've seen, even those who have been around awhile, come close to him. 

I wonder if Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey will perform this season. Maybe a Journey reunion so Randy Jackson can slap the bass some? The judges send Keith through to Hollywood.

Finally, Some Results!

That's all that's left, so they have to be next, right? Who knows how Ryan Seacrest will break the news, but I'm appreciating my high school typing class right now! I know the last 10 minutes of the results show are usually all that matter, but this is ridiculous. All the results AND a save performance and decision in less than 12 minutes! INSANITY!

I don't know how much of a Thursday tradition having Kieran dim the lights actually is, but here we go. In no particular order (damn, no rankings! Sure would've come in handy this week), the following contestants are safe:

Kree Harrison is safe
Candice Glover is safe
Janelle Arthur is safe
Angie Miller is safe
Amber Holcomb is safe

Devin Velez, Lazaro Arbos and Burnell Taylor are the bottom 3

No huge surprises here, and we can only hope Lazaro is the one sent packing. If not, Devin is likely gone, as predicted. I don't think it matters what anyone sings, the judges will not be using their save. 

The Guy Going Home Is...

Mariah Carey says that no matter what happens, it's not going to be unanimous on the judges' side, so she's basically saying the save won't be used. But first...

Burnell Taylor is safe
Lazaro Arbos is safe
Devin Velez is singing for his Idol life

Devin is going contemporary, singing Perry Como for the save. He picked "It's Impossible" because he gets to sing in Spanish, which the judges loved. And maybe if my 67-year-old father was casting a decisive vote, Devin would have a shot. But my dad doesn't even watch. It's also funny that Andy Williams covered this song, because Andy Williams and Perry Como are the singers I make fun of my dad for loving. He listens to their Christmas albums in his car year round. Tapes. 

The judges ignore the fruitless chants of "save" from the crowd and send Devin packing. Ryan acts shocked, and Devin says the audience members "are the real people." They, and God, are all he needs. I'm insulted that I'm not considered a real person, nor am I needed. 

Devin Velez is eliminated

Love this Phillip Phillips song so freaking much. 

So the main victory of tonight is that Lazaro is starting to wear out his welcome and finally appeared in the final three. That means there's a good chance he's going home next week or, at worst, the week after. The judges have three more weeks to use the save, and unless a girl gets the lowest vote total, I don't see them using it until the very end, after Lazaro and Burnell hit the road. They might not even need to use it at all. 

You can't have been surprised by the elimination, so were you surprised at the final three? Do you think Lazaro is destined to go home next week, or will the bottom 3 appearance spark his supporters to vote more? Who do you think is going home next?

Tune in next week, when Carrie Underwood returns to remind us how much better she is than pretty much everyone on the show. The theme hasn't been announced yet, but I'm sure it will involve the top 7 singing songs they don't know by people who were dead before they were born. Don't forget to watch along with us and join in the discussion. See you then!

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