'American Idol' Results: Cue the End Credits For ...
'American Idol' Results: Cue the End Credits For ...
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Last night on American Idol: the Top 4 sang the "songs of the cinema."  (And sorry cinephiles, according to FOX, Free Willy is included under the umbrella of cinema ... so you might as well go burn your Goddard and Fellini films now.)  Surprising no one who's been even casually watching season 9 the performances varied from Oscar worthy to repeat Razzie winners, in a trip down bad movie theme memory lane.

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Tonight on American Idol: someone from the Top 4 either Michael Lynche or Casey James will have their final credit rolls. Of course, we could have another Daughtry sized shocker on our hands and Lee Dewyze or Crystal Bowersox could conceivably be eliminated. And with Daughtry performing on tonight's results show that would be some cinematic foreshadowing even Hitchcock could appreciate. Do we already know tonight's results or not? There's only one way to find out: watch along with me live and see who's end credits will roll on tonight's American Idol.

'Idol' Discussion Questions: Who will be eliminated tonight? And what guest performer are you most excited to see: Daughtry, Fantasia or Bon Jovi?

The judges seem to be in a cheery mood tonight, maybe they realize whoever is eliminated tonight has just as big a chance to succeed as the season's winner. (Chris Daughtry and Alison Iraheta anyone?)  Even with that possible positive path ahead of tonight's eliminated contestant, this Casey James fan is feeling admittedly nervous.

Guest Performer #1: Fantasia

I have to admit, I didn't watch Fantasia's season of American Idol but her guest performance (and bangs) tonight make me wonder if season 9 really is the worst season ever ... because, OUCH. Seriously, singing through your nose that hard has to physically hurt. 

Since I know a lot of you have watched every single episode of American Idol, did season 3 rival season 9 in sheer awfulness or was Fantasia just off tonight in another case of the cursed Idol stage? (Comment consensus: Fantasia was off, flawless during season 3 and season 9 really is the worst season ever.)

But we're not here to regale the greatness of Idol's past, we're here to eliminate part of Idol's current mediocrity. Ryan tells us the results will be in no particular order, which is probably his way of saying "Let's be frank, we all know the bottom two are Big Mike and Casey James. And we want there to be some sort of tension in tonight's elimination."

Results Round #1

Casey James (and his cougar fans)  are SAFE

Congratulations cougars of America, this Top 3 contestant and crass photoshop job is for you:

CaseyGrad.jpgCougars for Casey James

Hopefully that's the most shocking result of the night and Big Mike will be sent home. 

Of course, before anyone (Big Mike) is sent home, there's 30 minutes of show to fill, so next up we have arguable Idol's greatest fourth place finisher of all time: Chris Daughtry.

Guest Performer #2: Daughtry

Since leaving Idol, Chris Daughtry has dropped the first name and it's just Daughtry. That makes tonight the battle of the one name Idol ... whose side are you on? After tonight (oh, and his entire Idol run) I'm Team Daughtry ... that's the kind of rock star that Idol has always been looking for. They found him, even if he didn't take the crown. A fact which is probably not comforting a very nervous looking Lee Dewyze right now.

Luckily for Lee, there's won't be a need to be nervous for long, because ...

Lee Dewyze - SAFE

LeeMan.jpgRight Now, Lee Dewyze feels like a superhero

That means either Big Mike or Crystal Bowersox will be going home.

Who do you think will be going home? Will Idol's male bias spell the end for Crystal Bowersox? Or is American Idol just messing with my head? Because right now I have visions of Alison Iraheta's elimination ... and I could easily see Big Mike as the "Gokey" figure in the Top 3. He's divisive just like Danny was ... you either love Big Mike or think he's the cheesiest thing since, well, Danny Gokey. 

Guest Performer #3: Bon Jovi

Sadly, Bon Jovi doesn't fulfill my fantasy and perform "Livin' on a Prayer," but rather their new single "Superman Tonight." Otherwise known as: the world's most generic modern rock song. Bon Jovi has a lifetime awesome pass for their "Livin' on a Prayer" alone, which is a good thing because no one will be waxing nostalgic about "Superman Tonight" anytime soon. Lucky for you, you can cleanse your Bon Jovi palette with an awesome vintage.

Now that Living on a Prayer will be stuck in your head for the next week, let's get to what will either be the most obvious or the most upsetting elimination in American Idol history.

Eliminated Tonight: Michael Lynche

Phew, most obvious elimination, not most upsetting/shocking/terrible/rage inducing.  Actually, double phew ... that makes this photoshop even more fitting:

FreeMikey.jpgFree Mike

That means Crystal Bowersox is safe:

CaddyCrystal.jpgI'll Be Back Next Week!

Your Idol Top 3:

Crystal Bowersox, Casey James and Lee Dewyze

Did America get it right with this all-guitar all-the-time trio?

Even though it's not the Top 3 I would've picked from the start, given our options in the Top 10, I'm pretty pleased. Then again, I'm an avowed acoustic singer-song writer lover who has a soft spot for guys who growl or sing with a slight twang. If I was 19 Entertainment and worried about selling a gazillion records or finding the next Kelly Clarkson on the other hand, I'd probably be crying in my 50 year old single malt scotch right now. This Top 3 may be artists, but they won't be selling out arenas any time soon.

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