'American Idol' Predictions: Who's Leaving the Top 6?
'American Idol' Predictions: Who's Leaving the Top 6?
Duets aside, I think Carole King week went really well. But someone has to leave, like every week. Do you think the duets will factor in to how people vote? I don't think so. Did they affect you at all?

We've reached the halfway mark, and tonight half of the remaining contestants will be in the bottom, because of math. I think James and Scotty, as usual, will be safe. Lauren and Haley are on the bubble, one on either end, and I predict we'll see Jacob and Casey in the bottom two.

I really think Lauren could see her first time in the bottom three this week. Her performance was not the best of the night, or her personal best. The judges' comments were cautiously constructive, and not overly enthusiastic. But then again, for Lauren to be in the bottom three and Haley to be safe is almost unheard of. So I won't like it, but I guess Haley might be in the bottom three, even though I think her performance should have earned her enough votes to stay. She's really getting better, you guys!

That leaves Jacob and Casey in the bottom two, with Jacob going home (I think). I asked you guys last night, and so far, 57% of you think Jacob is going home. Here's the thing: I think Jacob was technically better than Casey last night, but he went in that dreaded first spot and got buried underneath a few "wow" performances and some crummy duets. Then, the last we saw of Jacob was him in those white pants, yelling with James, which did not leave a totally favorable impression. Also, Jacob was in the bottom two last week, right before Stefano abdicated the throne as the King of the Bottom Two.

Casey could be in the bottom two because his performance was "fun," but not totally "get-able," and I like jazz but did not care for this performance. Can someone be too laid back? I think Casey was an early favorite to win, but his time on Idol is almost up. But Jacob could go first.

What do you think? Will Lauren or Haley be in the bottom three?

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