'American Idol' Predictions: Who's Going Home? When 13 Become 12
'American Idol' Predictions: Who's Going Home? When 13 Become 12
I'm so excited for this results show because it's the first time we get to see how the chips fall and whether people have already chosen favorites. Will this season be more like seasons past with a Tim Urban-like phenomenon, or will it prove to be more like this season of Top Chef: All-Stars, where everyone is so good that one bad dish (song) can send you home? It's exciting if you're like me and think about it too hard.

I think predicting this week will be easier than predicting weeks to come, though. One of the Wild Card picks proved themselves and two did not. I feel like Stefano really rose to the occasion, while Ashthon stayed where she was and Naima gave us something memorable but weird. If the voters weren't sure about Naima before, this remixed/blown up version of "Umbrella" may have confused them even more.

Still, I think Naima has a shot, while "America" has never really been sold on Ashthon Jones. She didn't get much exposure until late into Hollywood Week, and then she never really stood out. Her performance of "Love All Over Me" in the semi-finals was pretty average, and America did not put her into the Top 10. The judges put her through as a Wild Card, which shocked everyone, and Kendra Chantelle fans may still be feeling the sting.

As of Wednesday, Ashthon also has the fewest Twitter followers of the American Idol-sanctioned contestant Twitter accounts. This is particularly sad, given that Haley Reinhart hasn't even used her Twitter account yet.

While Ashthon's performance may not have been the worst, it definitely wasn't the best. It may be too little too late, particularly in a show where there were no giant, stinking turds (in terms of performances). It also looks like Ashthon is winning (losing) in last night's poll, which asked readers, "who's going home?"

So, my prediction is that Naima Adedapo, Karen Rodriguez, and Ashthon Jones will be in the bottom three, with Ashthon going home. I love a good upset, though.

What do you think will happen? Who do you think will be in the bottom three, and who will go home?

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