'American Idol' Predictions: Who is Leaving the Top 8?
'American Idol' Predictions: Who is Leaving the Top 8?
"Songs from the Movies" week was a different one. It was a good one, but a different one. I have no idea who is going home this week. I wouldn't have guessed that Pia was going home last week, and this week I just hope it's not a girl. I do think that tonight we'll be able to see what the voters are thinking a little, though. Will they dig Casey's jazzy, sometimes scary, version of "Nature Boy"? Will they do as James Durbin pleaded and "give metal a chance"? Has Stefano redeemed himself?

If I had to guess, I'd say yes to all three of those questions. I don't think we'll see Casey, James, or Stefano go home tonight, although we might see one of them in the bottom three. It's hard to place anyone in the bottom three because everyone (except maybe Haley) felt really good about their performance last night. Haley was the only one who received semi-negative feedback, so I guess I'll put Haley in the bottom three tonight.

Based on the poll in last night's recap, you guys seem to think it will be Paul, Stefano, or Haley (Paul has a slight edge, but only slight). Scotty has the fewest votes, and I would agree that he's not going home any time soon. I think tonight we'll see where our contestants stand with the voters, regardless of how they performed this week.

Enough stalling. My prediction for the bottom three is, I guess, Paul McDonald, Haley Reinhart, and maybe Jacob Lusk. I think America may just reward Stefano for his comeback performance last night, and might be getting bored with Jacob. Or maybe Jacob being in the bottom three last week was the voters' way of teaching him a lesson? Can they plan their votes that strategically? So I'm not sure about Jacob, who I thought was great last night, but Scotty, James, and Lauren have never been in the bottom three. So I think that third spot will go to Jacob or Casey. We'll see how America feels about taking chances and ignoring Jimmy Iovine's advice!

I think it will be Paul and Haley in the bottom two because Paul went first and wasn't very good -- he just sort of tripped around the stage and croaked out poor Bob Seger's song. Haley got criticism from the judges, who felt bad about it because they don't want another girl to go home. Jennifer Lopez, The Most Beautiful Woman, may have influenced the votes with that comment, and so maybe Paul is going home. But, for some reason, I don't think Paul will go home. It seems like he'll never go home. Maybe he'll be eliminated this week, but then show up to perform next week. He's like Will.I.Am.

So clearly I am being wishy-washy and can't decide who will be in the bottom three. Who do YOU think is going home? Who will the voters put in the bottom three?

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