'American Idol' Predictions: Which Guys Are Going Home?
'American Idol' Predictions: Which Guys Are Going Home?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The competition has begun on American Idol season 11, and that means on Thursday, the dreams of half the Top 13 guys will be crushed.

The Top 5 vote-getters will automatically move on, and then each of the three judges will pick one wild card to advance, creating a Top 13. During Tuesday's show, Randy Jackson said seven of these guys will make it, essentially confirming that two of the wild card picks will go to the guys.

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So who will get America's votes? It might be hard to predict since the judges were absolutely no help, heaping generic praise on every single contestant, regardless of how good or bad they were. Still, each week, following my colleague Carla Patton's insightful recaps and performance rankings, I'll be making my own analysis and predictions about who's going home on American Idol.


Colton Dixon: By singing the song from Twilight, Colton proved that he knows who's going to be supporting him and he just cornered the market on tween girls, the most powerful voting block on this show.

Joshua Ledet: His performance was a million times better than anything else from the night, and that's a guaranteed spot in the Top 13.

Jermaine Jones: He got the prime final spot and the show made sure to build up the suspense of his redemption and second chance. They wouldn't bring him back just to send him home this week. If that wasn't enough, they brought out his mom, just to shore up all the emotional sympathy votes.

Phillip Phillips: While the judges praised everyone equally, J. Lo essentially said she thinks he's going to win when she compared him to Scotty and Lauren from last season. Plus, he's kind of awesome.


Reed Grimm and Creighton Fraker: As far as I'm concerned, these two guys are roughly the same person. They're both strange and weird in the best possible sense, and they're probably fighting for the same votes.

Heejun Han: I didn't think his performance was that great, but he's clearly the most charismatic and entertaining singer of the season and he's had more screen time than anyone else during the auditions. He might make it just based on personality.


DeAndre Brackensick: The judges, especially Jennifer Lopez, are in love with his strange falsetto. I'm not (it doesn't sound like a song as much as a series of interesting tones). While I doubt he'll be in the top 5, I feel very confident that he will get in as Jennifer's wild card pick.

Aaron Marcellus: He seems like a real pro, but a boring one. His home video was all about how hard he works for a career in music, which did nothing to humanize him.

Chase Likens: I find this guy duller than paint drying, but I know that you should never underestimate the country voters. Still, I doubt he'll make it.


Adam Brock: White Chocolate's Aretha was a little weak, and worst of all, every time I see him all I can think of is that he reminds me of a fat Ruxin from FX's The League.

Jeremy Rosado: As Idol history has taught us, men shouldn't shop in the women's department. This was just kind of dull, which is the worst possible thing that can be said about an early performance.

Eben Franckewitz: Who's bright idea was it to let this kid sing Adele? I've liked him in the past, but this was truly awful.


John's Top 5 Predictions: Joshua, Heejun, Jermaine, Phillip and Colton

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: Joshua, Heejun, Reed, Eben and Phillip/Colton

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Who do you think will get the votes and which guys will say goodbye to American Idol this Thursday?

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