'American Idol' Predictions: Which Girls Are Going Home
'American Idol' Predictions: Which Girls Are Going Home
It's been an interesting week. The guys may have had the edge going into the "Wild Card" show, but Randy continues to insist that it's anyone's game. There were some performances from the Top 12 Girls that secured a few places in the Top 10, and a few that secured a ticket home. Let's examine.

Here are the girls I think are definitely moving on: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, and Thia Megia. They had the advantage of having the final three spots, and their performances were stellar enough to cement them in the voters' brains. Lauren Turner is also a favorite, who I think viewers will want to see more of. I think the fifth spot will come down to Naima Adedapo and Karen Rodriguez.

Myspace voters put Karen through, so she already has a strong following, and her performance received rave reviews. Naima Adedapo gave a strong performance, and is considered an early favorite. Who do you think has the edge?

The girls on the cusp are Kendra Chantelle, who was good but didn't really stand out, Ashthon Jones, whose denim corset wasn't enough to set her apart, and Haley Reinhart. I'm not sure how voters will feel about Haley Reinhart, because she has a different sound but that sound can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Also, personality does come into play and she seemed like a little bit of a brat when she reacted to the judges' comments. I can't stand when singers can't take criticism.

So that leaves Julie Zorrilla, Rachel Zevita, and Ta-Tynisa Wilson to definitely go home. All three of these girls had pitch problems, and gave performances that were memorable for the wrong reasons. Julie had a lot of hype to live up to, and wasn't able to "break away" with her prom queen performance. Viewers (and commenters) seem to be incredibly irked by Rachel Zevita, and I'm not sure her shaky rendition of "Criminal" changed anyone's mind.

Oh, Ta-Tynisa Wilson. I was surprised to see her make the Top 24 after having only seen her flub the lyrics to "I Hope You Dance," (may you never lose the wonder of your senses!). It's interesting to see the two Top 24 contestants who chose contemporary songs (Ta-Tynisa and Jordan Dorsey) at the bottom of the pack. Has auto-tuning gone too far? No, that's not the question. "Only Girl (In The World)" and "OMG," while fun, were bad song choices. Bad enough to send them home? We'll find out!

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Who do YOU think is going home because of votes? If you could send anyone home just because, who would it be?

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