'American Idol' Predictions: Which Boys Are Going Home?
'American Idol' Predictions: Which Boys Are Going Home?
You watched them sing, and you may have seen my rankings (and then wildly disagreed with them) but let's talk about who will actually be going home. After the Top 12 Boys delivered some of the best semi-finals performances we've seen on Idol, it could still be anyone's game. Will being featured in the show's audition rounds give anyone an advantage? Will online voting change everything?

If there will, in fact, be a Top 5 Guys, here's who I think is staying for sure: Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams. In the second tier and the not-everyone-likes-them-but-they-had-great-performances, we have Jacob Lusk and James Durbin going through, and the final guy slot is up in the air, but I think it will go to Brett Loewenstern.

Brett didn't have the best performance last night, not even close, but Idol viewers may already love him too much to say goodbye. The other person I think is up for that final spot is Scotty McCreery, who has also been featured prominently in the shows leading up to the semi-finals. And Scotty did really well last night to boot, but he may not make it for lack of a contemporary style.

Definitely going home? Jordan Dorsey. He wasn't even able to defend his song choice, and it was the one delightful wreck of the evening. Jovany Barreto and Robbie Rosen could also going home for being a little boring. While the ladies love Stefano Langone and Tim Halperin, I'm not sure their performances were up to the gold standard of the night.

So that leaves Clint Jun Gamboa, who gave an arguably solid performance, while a little shouty, and is just somewhere in the middle likeability-wise. But Idol viewers choose their favorites and hold grudges, so while Clint's performance was pretty good, I'm not sure it was great enough to make us forget how he "wronged" Jacee in the group round. He just doesn't seem like a guy we want to hang out with, in the end, and that makes a difference when we vote.

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Who do you think is going home? Who will be in the Top 5? Who will be invited back for the Wild Card show? Or should we just get rid of gender parity now before we've even seen the girls perform?

(image courtesy of FOX)