'American Idol' Predictions: Farewell to Stefano?
'American Idol' Predictions: Farewell to Stefano?
This week, I think almost everyone showed improvement or growth. It may have been difficult for the voters, or we may be at the point where they've picked their favorites and will vote for them regardless. I guess we'll see! Either way, my prediction is that Stefano will be the next to go.

Stefano has remained consistent throughout the competition, but it's starting to feel like other singers, who have demonstrated variety and growth, are starting to surpass him. Stefano's performance was good last night, great even, but it's hard to differentiate his performances week to week.

I also think that since only girls have gone home up until now, it's time for things to even up a bit, if only just by the law of averages. Stefano is the only remaining Wild Card, and I'm not sure he's done quite enough to win us over since the judges put him in the finals. Stefano has been in the bottom before, which may indicate that he's not long for this competition. Finally, the poll in last night's recap indicates (thus far) that Stefano could be the one to leave us.

That being said, I could be totally wrong. My hunch/suspicion is that Haley could be joining Stefano in the bottom two. She had a great week last week, but some may argue that she didn't keep her steam going into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week.

The third spot could go to Lauren, Paul, or someone else entirely. Normally I'd say Lauren or Paul, but Lauren gave a good-enough performance of "Natural Woman," and has yet to be in the bottom three, and Paul sang last this week, which almost always means you're safe. We can't really go on the judges' comments this season because they all like everything. So, in a way, every week is a surprise.

Here's who I think is definitely safe: Pia, Scotty, and James, with Casey on the fringe. Pia, in my opinion, dominated last night. Scotty will be safe because he is Scotty and he just will be, there is no science to explain it.

Hahahaomgscotty.jpgWhile I didn't care for what James did this week, I think the voters will like seeing his softer side, and the front part of his mohawk flattened. Casey is still likeable, I think, with a little bit of that "Whaaaaaat! Casey can't go home! We have to save him!" energy leftover from his near-elimination weeks ago. So that leaves Jacob; what will happen to him?

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Who do you think will be in the bottom three? What would be the biggest upset?

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