'American Idol' Post-Finale Interviews: Jessica and Phillip On The End Of Their Journey
'American Idol' Post-Finale Interviews: Jessica and Phillip On The End Of Their Journey
Tuesday night's American Idol performance finale was the end of the road for hopeful Idols Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. All their singing done, they talked post-show about being on the verge of victory - and were joined by Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery, who chipped in his own thoughts.

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7,000 fans packed the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live to hear the two artists perform their final three songs ever on the Idol stage. After the show, both California girl Jessica, 16, and Georgia native Phillip, 21, were complimentary toward each other and taking in the whole experience that is the Idol extravaganza.

"Of course we all wanted to win," Jessica said, "[but] win or lose, we both won. He's an amazing artist and an amazing person overall."

When asked which performances were his favorite of the evening, Phillip responded, "Probably all three of Jessica's."

They also talked about their time with the show's three judges and the outside world. "We never really get to talk to them after," explained Jessica. "Every interaction we get is on stage." Added Phillip, "They want to help us out. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't."

He found himself relying on his fellow contestants. "You make friends, some you're closer to some than others, but you really depend on some people," he said. "When it narrows down, it gets a little tough. You always have your family but sometimes it's tough to talk with them as well."

"I don't even know what happens out of American Idol. We try so hard to contact our fans, see what's going on, but we're in the American Idol bubble," Jessica said with a laugh.

But now, with that bubble about to burst, "We just feel like a weight's lifted off our shoulders," she admitted. "I think we're just really relieved. It's been really tiring too."

Previous champ Scotty McCreery was in attendance, singing "Please Remember Me" over a closing montage of moments from the season. "It felt great," he said of returning to the show. "Some days it feels like it was just yesterday, other days it feels like it was ten years ago, but it's always nice to be back here and see everybody."

Asked to weigh in on Jessica and Phillip's performances and a possible outcome, he said, "Early on I decided I can't have a favorite because I really know how each and every one of those kids are feeling. I feel for them."

Having said that, "They did good. They're two totally opposite artists and it's fun to watch. It's going to be a tight race tomorrow night."

American Idol will select its next winner tomorrow night at 8 PM ET/PT on FOX. Be advised that the season finale is listed at 127 minutes (or 2 hours, 7 minutes) long, so you might need to check your DVR!

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