American Idol: Paula Abdul mulls adoption
Today was a day with a dearth of American Idol news.  This is more often than not the case at this point of the year, but since everyone loves their Idol, stories emerge where there wouldn't normally be stories.  This is not necessarily a bad thing; people need their fixes wherever they can get them.  For Idol fiends, the fact that Paula Abdul is considering adopting a baby might just be interesting. 

So, on a day when people are flipping out about Paris Hilton leaving jail (although no one should be wasting any energy even thinking about that vacuous waste of space), the major Idol news is as follows: Paula Abdul wants kids and, if she can't find a suitable man before she is physically unable to bear here own little Laker Girl/Boy, Ms. Abdul would seriously consider going the Jolie route and adopting a kid.  I offer you these quotes:

"If it's meant for me to have children naturally, I absolutely will. I love kids, I really do. And kids love me. I'm so open to the idea of adoption. But, again, I would like to be able to share the raising of the children [with a man]." - Paula Abdul

The point of all this is that Paula would prefer to raise a child with a man, and that she is actively seeking a mate.  At this juncture, a mate for Paula has been elusive (does she still have Core Clark's number?).  This is salacious stuff, and that's because it involves sex and procreation and a celebrity.  But, really, is this news? 

The argument against it being news is this: nothing happened.  Paula Abdul has let it be known that she is open to the idea of making a particular life decision.  That's it.  No decision has been made, nothing has changed since she made this statement.  It would be like us reporting that George Clooney is thinking about making the move from Jiffy to Adam's peanut butter, or that Jennifer Aniston is revising her stance on post-modernism. 

But, this is the prevailing American Idol news story of the day and it is certainly interesting enough to write about.  This is mostly a testament to just how popular American Idol is.  It's mind-blowing. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer 

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