American Idol News Round-Up: Adam Lambert on the Red Carpet, Angela Martin's Continuing Idol Curse & More
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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American Idol isn't just a star maker, it's a news maker! With 8 seasons of former contestants and favorites, there's a new Idol related news story on the internet seemingly every minute! Today's big Idol news makers involve: a baby, Angela Martin's continued Idol curse, Adam Lambert as a red carpet correspondent, a platinum record, and who Anoop Desai will be rooting for come season 9.

Idol Babies: Congrats to season 4 runner up Bo Bice and his wife, who welcomed their third child into the world this morning. Bo announced the big news and the babies name on Twitter.

Adam Lambert Red Carpet Correspondent? It was an Idol reunion this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, with season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert stopping by for a chat. You can listen to the whole interview here, but what I found most interesting was that Adam is in talks to be a red carpet correspondent for the upcoming Grammy Awards. I would love to see a diva-off between Adam and Joan Rivers...and truthfully, I'm not sure which diva would win.

Updated: Adam just announced on Twitter that he'll be the Red Carpet Correspondent for Entertainment Weekly: Tonight:

Whoops, he meant Entertainment Tonight:

Idol Goes Platinum: More Idol congratulations are in order for David Cook, who's single "Light On" was just certified by the RIAA as platinum. This is the season 7 winner's 2nd platinum single. Hopefully one of the new songs that David is working on for a planned 2010 release will find similar platinum success.

Anoop Desai is Team Park: In an interview with USA Today's Idol Chatter, Anoop Desai revealed he already has a season 9 favorite. Desai says he'll be rooting for Shania's favorite, John Park. Desai and Park were both musical directors at in their college a capella groups. Park wasn't the only Idol auditioner who impressed Anoop though. He was also won over by Matt Lawrence's stirring rendition of "Trouble" this week, saying, "I was on the phone with someone, and this guy started singing. I put the phone down. It was that sort of reaction. I'm really, really excited about him."

Angela Martin's Idol Curse Continues: The saddest Idol news of the day comes from one of our audition favorites, Angela Martin. Martin, who has made it to Hollywood week two previous season's only to have tragedy and the law intervene. During season 7, Angela's Hollywood week was marred by the tragic loss of her father who was murdered just before auditions. Last year, Angela was unable to participate in Hollywood due to an out standing warrant for a speeding violation.

I was sincerely hoping that the old adage "third time's a charm" would ring true for Angela, but tragedy has befallen her again. After a family Christmas dinner the Idol hopefuls mother went missing and has not been seen or heard from since. According to Radar Online, Police are investigating the case and the possibility that Angela's mother disappeared on her own accord. I loved Angela's voice and her "winner's never quit" attitude, so I sincerely hope this latest tragedy has a happy ending and that her Mom is cheering her on during season 9 of American Idol.

So there you have it Idol fans, the good, the bad, and the sad Idol news of the day.

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