American Idol: New York Auditions
Here's the thing: the editing of American Idol can be baffling. We don't know what time of day each person is auditioning, we don't know the context (Did they sing after someone terrible? Somone great?), and we don't get to see their entire audition. One thing that is telling is the punchiness of Paula. Now, I'm not going to say "drunkeness", because I don't want to jump to conclusions. However, she does begin slurring her words at some point during the day and it can be jarring when one sudition she's slurring and the next she's articulate. Anyway, here is my quick rundown of all the notable contestants from tonight's show before the full recap tomorrow:
  • The flamingly gay diva who had previously auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance. Probably acting.
  • Super emotional crying girl who traveled from Ohio without her parents knowing. She made it to Hollywood.
  • Two pretty hot, Jersey girl best friends who both made it.
  • A sixteen year old black guy who was brought up by a Bolivian family in New York. He was a really good singer, way better than he should be at 16.
  • A bowling ball of a girl, full of energy. She was probably through to Hollywood after her first song, but blew it with her second, slower tune.
  • A likely drugged up crazy girl who admitted she couldn't sing, but still wanted to be American Idol. Really weird. I still don't know what to think about it.
  • For some reason, they allowed a 47 year old dude to audition. He sang Sinatra and was horrible.
  • A military-type chick who had been training for American Idol for a year. Like serious, physical training. She made it through.
  • Dude who looked like Simon but sand like a girl. Tough for the judges because it wasn't a bad voice, but it was a girls voice though.
  • The most annoying girl ever. Opera student, she had a great voice, but was a cocky braceface who just really annoyed the hell out of me.
  • A JT looking guy who sang Leon Russell's "A Song for You". He was good and made it to Hollywood, but I liked because that is one of my favorite songs ever.
  • Nicholas Pedro, who had made it group stages last year but quit, came back and made it a gain.
  • Completely insane street girl who claimed to be a palm reader. She sang an orgasmic, out-of-tune version of some indecipherable song.
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