American Idol: Miami Auditions, Live Thoughts
American Idol is in sunny Miami tonight and, as such, I've decided to post this picture next to us here for the occasion.  It comes from FOX's large batch of Miami audition photos and I chose this one, because when I think of Miami, one of things that comes to mind are popped collars.  Now, I've never been to Miami, but when I picture it, I picture this guy.  Surely this is an off-base stereotype, but this guy DID audition in Miami and he IS popping his collar.  We'll be here all episode with live updates.  Feel free to comment below.

It's the hot Latin sound of Miami.  You know what that means - we hear some Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.  Idol hasn't been to Miami since season 2. 

Paula is wearing a silly dress.  Simon calls it slutty.  Ha.

Shannon McGough is the first contestant.  She works at her parents meat market.  Not a euphemism, you sickos.  A literal meat market.  Shannon is dressed like an extra in an '80's John Hughes film.  She specializes in burping. Quite a character, Shannon is. She sings some Janis Joplin and it's a lot of yelling.  It's bad, really bad, but the thing is she might actually be able to sing something straightforward.  Or maybe not.  Shannon is not happy with her denial. 

Next up is former boy bander Robbie Carrico.  He can sing, but he's made it clear the boy band days are behind him.  He looks like a Seattle rocker in the early nineties, long hair and beanie.  He's through to Hollywood.

We get a montage of crappy dude singers.  They all suck. 

Ghaleb Emachah is a gypsy musician.  He sings a Marc Anthony song and it's not very good.  Simon says that he'd like him if he were drunk.  Astute.  Simon and Paula get into a little tiff.  Randy gives him a yes, which is surprising.  Paula finally gives him a yes and then hugs him.  I felt that was undeserved.

Corliss Smith and Brittany Westcott are two wildly overweight 20-year-old best friends.  They audition together.  Corliss goes first and it's very weird and proper.  It's like an old Andrews Sisters song.  It was unique, but I don't think it was all that good.  Brittany sings "My Guy" and I think she's better than her friend, but still not good.  The judges are charmed, however, and they send them to Hollywood.

Wow, a Barack Obama campaign ad during American Idol.  Not a bad one, either.  Love listening to that guy talk.

Suzanne Toon is a single mother.  She went to performing arts school, but hasn't sang in three years.  She's crying in the interview.  She starts out her audition really well, but hiccups in the middle.  Solid singer, out of tune at times, obviously out of practice.  They all give her a yes.  Randy tells her watch the pitch stuff. 

Our next contestant wants to be the first Asian-American Idol winner.  She's diminutive.  Ramiele Malubay is her name.  Holy crap, she's got a big voice for such a little girl.  On the high stuff she gets out of control, but she's got potential.  Simon gives her a no, but she's going Hollywood.

Day two begins.  Randy is wearing a very silly lavender shirt.

Syesha Mercado kicks off day two and she's a very positive lady.  Her dad has struggled with drugs and alcohol.  He speaks very awkwardly in an interview.  She sings some Aretha.  She busts out and really goes for it.  Got a great big voice.  It's almost forced big.  But the judges give her a round of yeses.  We'll be seeing a lot more of her.

Natashia Blach sings "At Last" and gets a ticket to Hollywood. 

Ilsy Pinot, a wavy haired temptress, gets a pass to Hollywood. 

In case you have some brain cells you'd like to throw away, The Moment of Truth is on next.

Ben Hausbach, Carroy Bethea and Grant Rhea are all delusional and terrible singers.  So is Fabienne Hippolyte. 

Richard Valles is the most nasal singer ever.  It's like if Pat O'Brien was young and Hispanic.

Julie Dubela was on American Juniors four years ago and she's 16 now.  She's really dumb.   She doesn't pick up on Simon and Randy's sarcasm about Juniors.  She's got a lot of excess arm movements, but she can sing OK.  They all give her a no.  Randy says she has a voice in there somewhere.  She starts singing after she gets denied.  She gets angry, finally leaves.  They show a montage of her singing on American Juniors.  Weird stuff.

It's the end of day two.  Our last audition is a white-suited nut job who thinks he's a comedian.  He bursts through the door doing some sort of act.  His name is Brandon Black.  He tries to do a sultry of "I'll Make to You" to Paula Abdul.  He then sings a special song about how he's going to be the next American Idol.  Sooooooo bad.  Pathetic.  Simon and Randy finally walk out. 

17 golden tickets were given out over two full days.  Wow, pathetic showing, Miami.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)