American Idol: Memphis Auditions
After the Seattle American Idol auditions, things had to get better in Memphis, right? Right? Well, for all the talk of how bad the city of Seattle sung in their auditions, I'm going to have to say that Memphis was worse. I know I wasn't in the editing room and that this episode was only an hour, but besides a few winners (and there were two REALLY good auditions in Memphis) it still felt like the contestants were uniformly bad. Seattle may have had more "characters", but Memphis had just as many poor singers. I'll have a more comprehensive recap of the night's events tomorrow morning, but, for now, here are some quick bullet-type thoughts about the episode:
  • A guy nicknamed "Frank and Beans" came with a cheerleading squad. A FULL cheerleading squad. He sang pretty well, but was annoying. The judges agreed.
  • A guy wearing the most ridiculously ripped jeans since the 80's also had one of the most ridiculous voices ever. I...I...I just can't explain it. There are no words. Perhaps tomorrow I can speak more sensibly about it.
  • A girl wearing the most unfortunate set of braces. Also had protruding gums that were so bad I'm scared to make fun of them.
  • A big, fat soul man named Sundance who was the best singer so far this year. Just an epic blues voice who will make it to the finals and could actually win it. Incredible voice.
  • The girl from the previews who flips out in front of the camera isn't that bad. And her flip out was more sad than angry. Way over hyped by FOX.
  • A likable fat guy whose wife left him and was in love with Paula. Kind of creepy, kind of sweet, mostly confusing.
  • A bearded guy who made it through to Hollywood and said the quote "In a way, we're all homeless". Umm, whatever dude.
  • Pro backup singer who is extremely nervous but remarkably talented.
  • And a dude who missed his baby's birth to try out for American Idol. He made it to Hollywood, though.
All in all, a good hour of vintage American Idol auditions. We'll be back tomorrow with more American Idol coverage. For the full recap of this episode, see American Idol, Season 6, Episode 3 Recap -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer