American Idol: Los Angeles Auditions
American Idol went home to Los Angeles tonight, searching for its next great singer among the best and the worst of what Southern California had to offer. This episode had its fair share of interesting components, not the least of which being the very first person to audition for Paula, Randy and Simon. This man, whose real name is Martik but goes by "Eccentric", had the most bizarre package of crazy that I've seen this year. I try not to throw the word "crazy" around much while describing the American Idol auditions (although I inevitably do), so believe me when I say the Martik was a freaking nut job. This is all presupposing that Martik wasn't faking it. He may just be an incredible actor. I hope that's all it was and that the real Martik was drinking beer and laughing his ass off with his buddies during tonight's show. I'll explain his "act" in more detail during tomorrow's full recap but, in brief, let's just say that he declared himself a Panther Impersonator/athlete/model/dancer/singer/author/choreographer. And that is almost an exact quote. Below are some brief highlights from American Idol's Los Angeles auditions:
  • Barry White look-a-like who sucked. He had me fooled; I thought he was going to be good.
  • A girl in a cow suit. Instant comedy.
  • A dude singing the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song in a banana suit. Again, instant comedy.
  • Alaina, a girl whose been scraping around LA for six years trying to get her break as a singer, who is losing her nerve, has decided that American Idol will be her last shot. She's pretty darn good, but, more importantly, really hot. She's through to Hollywood.
  • A dude who has toured with Christina Aguilera as a back-up singer just kills some song that I'd never heard of.
  • Two overweight lovers from Compton. The girl has dubbed herself "Sparkles" and the guy has the fattest grill ever. Obviously, they are terrible singers.
  • A very, very sad sob story. A 64 year old man sings for his newly deceased wife.
  • A high-pitched, serial killer looking dude who "learned" how to sing via a computer program endorsed by Paula and Randy. Simon, needless to say, gets a kick out of this fact.
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