American Idol Live Thoughts: Hello, Hollywood! Hello, Ellen! (Page 1/2)
American Idol Live Thoughts: Hello, Hollywood! Hello, Ellen! (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After what seemed like months in the desert wastelands of train wrecks, sob stories, and place holder celebrity guest judges, we have finally gotten to the promised land...Hollywood and Ellen De Generes! Hopefully Idol and Ellen's arrival in sunny So-Cal means we'll see a lot more singers and a lot less sobbing, not to mention a guest judge who says more than 40 words. (I'm looking at you, Joe Jonas.) 

Watch along with me tonight as we get our first glimpse of Ellen as a guest judge (we hope she follows our do's and don'ts) and hopefully get a lot more screen time with singers who have a semblance of a chance at the Top 24. (Unlike say, the majority of the audition process.) It might be too much to ask, but hopefully we even get a peek at the person who will become the next American Idol. So drag your TV close to your computer and watch along with me live tonight as American Idol and Ellen go to Hollywood. Oh....and some singers tag along too!

Need a refresher on who'll be making the journey to Hollywood? You can find Golden Ticket winners in both our best and worst Idol audition slide shows. And if Mr. "I Done Split My Pants" isn't the first guy to go during Hollywood week, Idol and I are going to have to have a very serious talk.

As the intro tells us we've gone from 100,000 auditioners to 181 Hollywood-ready auditioners. And if the video intro is any hint, a whole lot of crying.Hopefully, with the addition of Ellen at least a little bit of laughter to go with those tears.

Ellen can't help but start out her time on Idol with a dig to Simon, "so this is how it's going to be, I come and you leave." Cue awkward Simon laugh. And let the feud rumors flare up once again!

Day One of Hollywood Week

As in Hollywood week's past the first round is do or die...or to quote Project Runway, you're either in or you're out.

Katie Stevens

In our first round of Hollywood week auditions is pre-season favorite Katie Stevens. They recap Katie's sob story ("I need to win now so my Grandma will remember me.") While Katie starts of shaky and in a register that's a wee bit too low, once she loses her nerves and starts really singing, Katie proves why she's a top 24 contender.


Ugh. This guy. His name is still just as ridiculous and his voice is still just as mediocre. If you're going to do "Ain't To Proud to Beg" you better do it right. He does it wrong, so wrong, we want to beg him to stop. We certainly aren't too proud.

As expected and deserved, Katie Stevens is through the sudden death round. Also as expected and deserved, Skiiboski is out and he refuses to leave. Randy gives him the best advice he'll ever receive, "First things first, I'd change your name."

Andrew Garcia

Andrew is taking a huge risk with an acoustic audition of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up Now Tell Me." Man, where is Paula and her Coke cup when you really need her? She would be losing her mind over this. (In my mind Paula is at home on the couch babbling happily away at this with a life sized MC Skat Kat cut out next to her.)  Anyways, Andrew's audition yet again demonstrates the smooth sexy r&b pop radio ready voice. Plus, that oh-so-desirable Idol trait of making a well-known song your very own. This guy has not just Top 24, but Top 12 written all over him. Kara says "That was genius! Genius!" And for once, I kind of agree with her.

Vanessa Wolfe

Vanessa got on that aero-plane and is suffering from a major case of nerves in Hollywood Week. We're really rooting for Vanessa, but her sad song intro makes us worried our pre-season sweetheart is about to blow it, she even forgets to use the microphone. Apparently, Vanessa left her voice on that aero-plane, she's shaky and quakey, and not at all the exciting spark plug we saw in Atlanta.

So who makes it and who doesn't? Andrew Garcia has made it through, and sadly Vanessa Wolfe is heading home to bridge jumping in small town Tennessee. We're hoping Vanessa get's back on that aero-plane next season with a stronger voice and all of that Southern charm in tact.

Cue montage of crying rejected Idol hopefuls, including Worship Pastor Jim Ranger. Don't feel too bad for Jim, he's heading home to his family (which pleases Avril Lavigne) and I wouldn't at all be surprised to hear his original song "Drive" on the radio. It's the kind of song mainstream country radio eats up. Sell that song Jim!

Auditoners We'll Never See Again

Hooray! Without the pants splitting the judges actually see that Cornelius Edwards is tone deaf. Sadly, also in that list of auditioners we may never see again was Maegan Wright, who just didn't bring the peresonality or tone that charmed us all so much during the Denver auditions. (Come back next year Maegan and leave the adorable brother at home!) Also not making it through Boston's Amadeo and his big stereotypical Italian family. He begs the judges for another shot, but he's curtly denied by Simon.

Janell Wheeler

Janell, who's "House of the Rising Sun" was one of my favorite auditions of the entire process, has strapped on an acoustic guitar and takes the Idol auditioners to vocal master class. Girl is simply perfect, and just like Andrew Garcia, I'd say she's a Top 12, not Top 24 contender. Easiest yes so far.