'American Idol' Results: The Final 6 Revealed
'American Idol' Results: The Final 6 Revealed
Tonight, without question, 7 will become 6. There are no more saves, no more second chances, and hopefully no more performance episodes packed to the brim with frantic performances. So many of them just went by too quickly, didn't they? It made me uncomfortable. I gave my best shot at ranking all 14 performances, and I disagreed with the judges quite a bit. Maybe they were right and I was way off base in my judgment, but Jimmy Iovine will clarify all of that tonight. He is always right!

I think Elise will go home. Her time on American Idol may just be up, as it seems she is the only remaining contestant that voters are judging on a week-to-week basis. John thinks it will be Hollie, as this season has tended toward a pattern of a contestant delivering their best performance right before they're booted. I think we may see Colton in trouble tonight, too. My parents, who watch the show on occasion, thought his jacket made him "look like Satan. Not that we actually know what Satan looks like." They don't care for Phillip, either, but find him relatable. That's really his charm, isn't it? He's just like, some dude you know.

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Kicking things off with a terrible, bucket-drummer laden group number, it's the Top 7 singing "Dancin' in the Street." This song is wrong for all seven of them, and the background vocals are just way too loud. In a possible homage to Flashdance, or just dancing in the street in general, a guy spun on his head behind the contestants. Poor Elise, she is really trying so hard to smile and "have fun." It's too little too late, we already know she hates this.

idolballoondrop.jpgBALLOON DROP! I don't care what anyone says, Anything can be saved by a well-timed balloon drop! I love the group number now.

Ryan says we find out who will go home tonight as we "inch closer" to the finale. Inch being the operative verb here! The Ford Music Video was typically strange and useless. Was this one some kind of homage to Xanadu and/or Clash of the Titans?

xanaduofthetitans.jpgJoshua and Hollie go center stage first, and everyone goes "aww!" because they are totally buddies! WHAT WILL JIMMY SAY? The crazy person inside me wonders. Jimmy thinks Joshua was great, and Hollie was good but not safe from the bottom three. She is not finale material in Jimmy's mind.

Ryan tells Joshua that he "didn't get the right number of votes ... to put you in the bottom three!" You're safe? Yes, Joshua is safe. And without any bullsh*tting, Ryan puts Hollie in the bottom three.

Taylor Hicks is in the audience! He's doin' Vegas! Soul Patrol! Yeah? Well Katherine McPhee is doing SMASH. Taylor Hicks startlingly introduced Kris Allen without warning and the lighting people (and Kris Allen, probably) were like, "huh?"

slowyourpatrol.jpgSlow your roll, Soul Patrol.

Ryan Seacrest is the HBIC, though, so he introduced Kris properly and put a stop to this madness. Then Kris Allen sang "Vision of Love" at a slowly rotating piano. It was OK. Coulda used a balloon drop.

Skylar and Elise are Ryan Seacrest's next victims. Will anyone tell us why Elise changed back into the orange dress at the end of the night, though? Jimmy thinks Skylar delivered and Elise fell flat. Jimmy thinks Elise will be "at her vacation home" in the bottom three for her performance of "Let's Get it On." He thinks Skylar is the best performer they've got! Ryan asks Skylar and Elise some questions and Elise takes it as an opportunity to show off that camera-ready personality (hmph!) yet again. Elise is in the bottom three, Skylar is safe.

After a tribute to Dick Clark (Ryan Seacrest's mentor, not Brian Dunkleman's), LMFAO performs "Sorry for Party Rockin." What an appropriate juxtaposition. Do you think they're really, sincerely sorry, though? They didn't seem very remorseful, and neither did that dancing zebra.

unremorsefulzebra.jpgPhillip, Colton, and Jessica get their results last. But I thought we loved them all? My gut says it will be Colton, but only for a moment. I think Jessica's save bought her another two weeks here, including this one, and people just love Phillip "Fifty Shades" Phillips. But what of Colton and his jacket that was "too weird" for my parents? Backstage, Colton said "I don't want to sound cocky, but I don't care." Not cute, Colton. Not caring got Elise where she is today--in the bottom three practically permanently until she is eliminated (later tonight, perhaps).

Jimmy apologizes, not only for party rocking, but also for mentoring Jessica and failing to see that she was choosing songs that were not age-appropriate. He thought Phillip just had a pass, and Colton's "Bad Romance" was all wrong. "I'm disappointed about that," Jimmy says of Colton's jacket. Jimmy says Phillip should be in the finale (and probably will be!) because he is picking the best songs for himself. Yeah.

Jessica is safe (after some typical Ryan Seacrest drama), and tonight Colton will take his first trip to the bottom three. Phillip is safe. Ryan asks Randy if the voters got it right and he can't really say yes, but they pretty much did.

Ryan creepily holds Elise's hand and calls her "baby." He tells her she is safe tonight. Well, I was wrong! Hollie and Colton remain. WHO WILL IT BE? Do you mean to scare the teenage girl within all of us into voting for Colton like crazy next week? Oh, but remember how Colton doesn't care? I bet he does.

The eliminated singer is: Colton Dixon. We gasp collectively. He never got his standing ovation! Ryan asks Colton, "wha happen?" and Colton apologizes that he "wasn't himself" last night. This is a night full of apologies. To leave us, Colton sings his favorite worship song on his knees. What a weird night!

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