'American Idol' L.A. Auditions Sneak Peek
'American Idol' L.A. Auditions Sneak Peek
Tonight (Thursday at 8/7c) American Idol goes to L.A., where they don't need to give tickets to Hollywood, just some gas money. People move to L.A. for a shot at their dreams, so it's only fitting that dream-maker American Idol pay the city a visit. But, let's be honest, some of these dreams should die.

Let's take a look at some of the auditions we can expect to see (or not see?) tonight in L.A. and a sneak peek at some judge attitude.

The Precious Lamb of God.
Okay, I relate to this girl because sometimes it just feels really good to sing, no matter what sound is actually coming out. And she is FEELING the sh*t out of this song.

My Hero.
Okay, this guy had better make it through because he is blowing the ROOF off the Family Matters theme song. This is so awesome, it's even better than J. Lo's "This Woman's Work" Head Scarf.

Oh my god. Looks like L.A. has something to offer American Idol after all.

Another Duo Shuts it Down
I'll just have to get over the fact that some people get to audition together now, because this happened and I don't have a single problem with it:

(images and video courtesy of FOX)