American Idol: Kelly Clarkson releases "My December" today
Today is the big day for American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson: her third full LP, “My December” was released for sale to the general public in the United States, and the reaction thus far has been somewhat mixed.  More so than any other time in Clarkson's young career, her name is shrouded by controversy of late.  Most of Clarkson's summer tour was canceled, she's publicly feuded with her record studio head and music industry legend Clive Davis, and she is quite outspoken with the media, even recently admitting to a teenage bout with bulimia.  All will be forgotten, however, if Clarkson manages to sell a few million copies of “My December.”

Critical reaction has been guardedly positive.  Let's take a look at a couple of reviews.

Entertainment Weekly:  B+

“ changes and her canceled tour have furthered the assumption that December must be a train wreck. It's not. There's real artistry blossoming on this, the boldest and best effort ever by an Idol star.

That's not to say that Davis was off his rocker when he purportedly didn't hear a hit, because the disc does lack even half as obvious a smash as 'Since U Been Gone.' There was subversive fun to be had in witnessing America's sweetheart using 'Never Again,' the he-done-me-wrong first single, to reinvent herself as a banshee (wishing gangrene on an enemy, no less).”

Slant Magazine: 3 and a half stars out of 5

“The press about the album, not to mention fans' hysterical, hypercritical reaction to its lead single, 'Never Again,' which is a slightly harder, slightly less immediate version of almost every song on Breakaway, would have us believe that My December is some radical departure for Clarkson, but it's really just a logical progression—if not exactly a refinement—of the fingerless-gloved rock-chick persona the singer has created for herself in the years since her crowning as the premier American Idol.”

After reading a number of reviews of this album, it's clear that Clarkson fans are going to be quite pleased with this outing, which despite the early negative hype, is probably her best record yet.  It's a little bizarre that early sales are worse than expected, but once the masses hear the album and some positive word-of-mouth goes around, sales should be fine. 

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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