American Idol: Kelly Clarkson admits to suffering from bulimia
Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has admitted that she once suffered bulimia, an eating disorder.  This confession, obviously not an easy one, comes from an interview Clarkson did for the upcoming August issue of CosmoGirl magazine.  This comes on the heels of a turbulent couple of weeks for Kelly Clarkson, marred by the cancellation of most of her upcoming tour.  All told, this story is the story of a woman, Kelly Clarkson, stable and honest enough to open up about her past in an admirable way.  The term "role model" probably gets thrwon around too much when it comes to celebrities, but if you're an adolescent girl, Kelly Clarkson is a pretty good person to look up to.

Kelly's six-month flirtation with bulimia came during high school and was sparked by not getting her preferred part in a school musical, of all things.

"I thought...If I came back and I'm cuter and thinner...then I'll get the role."

Eventually, she was found out by her friends.

"One of my guy friends caught on to it, and I just felt so ashamed and embarrassed.  I literally went cold turkey and snapped out of it."

One interesting quote from Ms. Clarkson concerns her true body type:

"I've got a butt, I'm Greek- I can't help that.”

Fair enough, Kelly.  I, personally, wasn't aware that Greeks were known for their ample posteriors, but now I'll be on the lookout. 

All this is coming at what should be a celebratory time for Clarkson.  Her new album, “My December” will be released tomorrow in Germany and Italy, and will hit US stores on Tuesday, June 26.  It is the first album in which Clarkson has had a hand in writing every single song.  This has been a source of contention between Clarkson and RCA head Clive Davis, who wanted more radio-friendly songs on Clarkson's album.  Kelly stood her ground and the songs that you'll find on “My December” are exactly the songs that Kelly Clarkson wanted.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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