American Idol: Jordin Sparks grab bag
With the finale of American Idol barely a week gone by, news about champion Jordin Sparks is still in demand.  However, with the Idol participants preparing for the American Idol tour and with producers placing all the singers on a short leash, there aren't a whole lot of major newsworthy items floating about.  Instead, there have been a number of mini-stories that have been making the rounds in the media over the past few days regarding Jordin Sparks.  None are earth-shattering, and none are all that controversial.

Jordin Sparks isn't likely to cause much controversy in her career.  She's a nice girl, a churchgoer, someone who isn't going to be found partying at LA hot spots in the wee hours of the night.  But, she did do a number of interviews over the past week and the media has done their requisite digging, and these are a few of the things we learned:

Jordin Sparks Height
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Jordin is not ashamed of her figure, or height.  She embraces it.  Jordin was taller than most singers, including the guys and Ryan Seacrest, on this season of Idol.  She speaks about the pressure to be a certain body type, but how she has since learned to be proud of who she is.  She now shops at a Big and Tall store in Arizona, with whom she actually got a modeling offer for prior to Idol.

Jordin loves Sanjaya
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Jordin is a big fan of one Sanjaya Malakar, although her comments could be construed as back-handed.  She says that it took a lot of courage for him to perform in the face of overwhelming criticism and to just be himself.  She admires it.  Well, she has to be diplomatic because she'll be touring with him for the next few months, but those are kind words nonetheless.

Jordin's vocal training past:
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There's been a slight bit of controversy the last few days over Jordin's singing history.  On an internet question and answer, Jordin claims to have never had any formal vocal training.  Well, according to her former vocal coach this is not the case, and that she gave Jordin personal, half hour lessons for an extended period of time.  This may be true, but I wonder if a few months of private lessons constitutes vocal training.  This is really a non-story.

So, that's pretty much the word on Jordin Sparks these days.  I'm sure we'll hear more from her once the tour starts, and then later when she begins to put together her debut album.
-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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