American Idol: Idol Gives Back Performance Spoilers
American Idol's charity benefit Idol Gives Back will air on Wednesday in an epic two and a half hour affair, but much of what viewers will see Wednesday was taped last night at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.  Last year, Ellen Degeneres hosted that portion of Idol Gives Back.  Degeneres was supposed to host again, but backed out last week.  American Idol's own Ryan Seacrest was forced to take the reins of what was a star-studded event.  Thanks to various spies, we know who performed and what they performed.  We probably won't see all of it come Wednesday (I'm guessing FOX will edit judiciously), but we can look forward to much of it being broadcast in a couple days.  I guess we could call these “spoilers,” so if you want to be totally surprised come Wednesday, read no further. 

The show kicked off with American Idol's Top 8 singing a Rihanna song. 

Snoop Dogg performed a song from his new album with legend Charlie Wilson.  Members of the youth football team that Snoop coaches came on stage to help sing the chorus. 

Miley Cyrus performed a couple of songs.  I'm not going to pretend to know what those songs might be.  My iPod is Hannah Montana free, thank you very much. 

John Legend performed his new song “Show Me,” then dueted with Fergie on a song.  This will be the biggest talent discrepancy on a duet on Idol Gives Back.  Fergie then joined Heart (yes, Heart) on “Barracuda.”  Apparently Fergie baffled the crowd by doing some cart wheels during that performance.  I have no idea why she would do cart wheels. 

Annie Lennox sang Jimmy Cliff's “Many Rivers to Cross.”  That could be very good.

Carrie Underwood covered a George Michael song (“Praying for Time”). 

Mariah Carey sang “Fly Like a Bird” with Idol's own Randy Jackson on bass. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: MTV
(Image Courtesy of FOX)