American Idol: Goodbye Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards' dismissal from the American Idol proceedings last night was met with mild surprise and general indifference.  It's gotten to a point where no one is surprised that Sanjaya is still around, and unless the eliminated singer has the potential to win the whole thing, there really isn't much to get upset about.  Unfortunately, this seemed to be the mood with Stephanie's departure from the program.

Since last night's elimination episode, countless newspaper and online articles have attempted to trumpet the elimination as a “surprise” or a “shocker”, but it really wasn't.  Yes, it's still shocking that Sanjaya is still on the show, but it's become clear that he's created some phenomenon that is beyond the comprehension of a mere mortal like me.  So, on that front we just have to move on.  For Stephanie Edwards, I'm having a hard time feeling much of anything after her elimination.

The problem a lot of contestants have is distinguishing themsleves from the pack.  The brutal truth is that on American Idol  it's better to be mediocre and unique than it is to be pretty good and bland.  I think this was Stephanie Edwards problem.  She didn't stand out in any way, was pretty good, and stayed in the middle of the pack, quality-wise.  She wasn't entirely forgettable, mind you, just not as memorable as she had to be.

Here's what I can tell you:

Stephanie was a pretty good singer.

Stephanie had a tendency to sing out of tune.

Stephanie wasn't very memorable.

Stephanie is still young (19), so she still has a lot of potential.

Stephanie, on a pure singing level, is better than these remaining contestants: Sanjaya Malakar, Haley Scarnato, Chris Richardson, and Phil Stacey.

And that's about all.  What do you all think?  Should Stephanie have been eliminated?  Who should have been eliminated instead?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer