American Idol: Final Performance Show, Live Thoughts
Two singers, three songs each.  That's it.  Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks will compete for the American Idol championship tonight in part one of Idol's two-night finale.  Part two comes tomorrow night in the form of a two-hour long extravaganza.  It will be indulgent and exhausting but, in the end, our new champion will be crowned.  Tonight, six performances will be crammed into a one-hour show.  Starting at 8PM ET/5PM PT I'll be here to give live, up-to-the-minute updates throughout the show. 

Big question of the night: How will Paula Abdul's broken nose look?

And we're off.  Seacrest intros the show, shows us the big audience, and is just as smarmy as usual.

I think I just saw Denise Richards in the crowd.  She was available.

By the way, the show tonight has moved to the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.  It's really big.

Seacrest calls tonight another "Battle of the Sexes".

Aw, man, you can barely even notice Paula's nose.  Weak.  I was hoping she'd be wearing one of those Rip Hamilton face masks. 

Yeah. Seattle.  Both finalists came out of Seattle, and we get a segment on Idol's trip there. 

Blake says that he went to audition on a whim. 

By the way, this is all just further proof that Seattle is the greatest city the earth has ever known. 

We get a commercial before any performances.

We get the footage of the coin flip from last week that determined who gets to sing first in the finale.  Blake wins the toss and decides to go first, further proof that he really doesn't want to win.

Three songs: one favorite, one they haven't sung before, and the songwriting contest winner.

Blake starts the night off singing "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, which was arguably his best performance this season.  He performs it just as well as he did the first time.  Which is really good.

Randy only thought the singing was all right, but the beat boxing was great.  Simon calls Blake the best performer of the season.  I agree.

Jordin performs Christina Aguilera's "Fighter", a song she hasn't performed before.  She does the song justice.  Vocally, it was a really good performance of an extremely difficult song.

Randy thought the vocals were great, the performance okay.  Paula loves it.  Simon thinks it wasn't incredible and calls the first round to Blake. 

Blake tells the story of how he started beatboxing.  He had always wanted a drum set, never got one, saw someone beat boxing his senior year of high school, and decided that was the way to go.

Blake performs another Maroon 5, this time it is "She Will Be Loved".  This is a slow ballad, as you probably know.  Blake is looking to show that he can actually sing with this one. He's a little flat at times, but it's pretty darn good besides that, especially the falsetto. 

Randy calls it a very nice vocal.  What do you think Paula thought?  Simon calls it "good, safe, not as good as the first song".  He still liked it, just wanted something that would make more of an impact.

Jordin is up next to sing her favorite song from the season, "A Broken Wing," by Martina McBride.  It's another song in which Jordin shows off her huge voice.  She's good. Not much more you can say.

Randy calls her the most talented 17-year old he's ever seen.  Simon says, "Now THAT was good."

Time to unveil the winner of the songwriting competition.  It's called, "This is My Now" and it was written by two guys in Seattle.  My hopes aren't too high for this one.

It's a slow ballad that kicks into a sort of up tempo chorus.  It's pretty bland.  Kind of sounds like a contemporary country ballad.  Blake is doing a fine job on it.

Randy calls it all right.  But, he admits that it wasn't his best genre.  All the judges believe that it was a fine song, but that it just wasn't the type of song he would normally sing.

Jordin sings the same song, and she sings it well.  I'm just not a big fan of that song. 

I'm only really concerned with the first two songs tonight, and I have to give the slight edge to Jordin.  Mostly, I don't think tonight will have an effect on the outcome.  Neither singer messed up, and I don't think any voters will be swayed against where their allegiances lied before the episode.

What do you think?  Who was the better performer tonight?  Who will be champion tomorrow?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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