American Idol: Disco night with Barry Gibb
I've never been a fan of theme nights on American Idol.  I understand their necessity;  FOX likes to help promote whatever visiting recording artist they have on the show that week and it adds some semblance of structure to the proceedings.  However, I would prefer it if the contestants were allowed to choose any available song every week.  It would take clever planning by the singers and would allow for an entertaining diversity in music every week.  There is a certain unfairness to forcing a genre on all your contestants.  Sometimes a type of music is completely outside of one performer's comfort zone while perfectly suited for another.  That's not fair.

However, saying that, I'm excited for tomorrow night's disco-themed show, featuring the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb.  These last four singers should all fare well in the disco genre.  Blake Lewis, especially, should have a field day with any Bee Gees tune he wants.  The beat-boxing opportunities are there.

Each singer will perform two songs on Tuesday, a welcome change that will allow the performers to show off their diversity.  They can do one slow song and one upbeat tune (I don't expect any of the four to deviate from that formula). 

I think this week is set up for Lakisha to fail.  I'm not saying she will, but if you believe that Jordin and Melinda are a lock for the top 3 (which I do) then the real competition this week is between Blake and Lakisha.  This being the case, disco is an area where Blake can really shine.  No matter how well Lakisha sings her songs, it won't be as original or charismatic as whatever Blake does.  I'm guessing the audience, at this point, will respond to creativity and uniqueness. 

What do you all think?  Is disco night a good idea?  Which singer does it suit best?  Feel free to comment below.  And, in honor of Barry Gibb appearing on the show, I've included one of my favorite SNL sketches.  Enjoy.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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