American Idol: David Archuleta's Record Deal, Utah, and George W. Bush
In the most unsurprising news of all time, David Archuleta has signed a record deal with 19 Entertainment/Jive Records, the exact same company that American Idol winner David Cook signed with, and the record company that also produces American Idol.  Every Idol finalist that 19 Entertainment believes has the potential for success signs with them.  It's part of the deal the American Idol contestants sign up for – it's completely up to 19 Entertainment, not the singers themselves.  In other David Archuleta news, it is being reported that a concert Little Archie had planned in Salt Lake City as a “thank you” to fans has been nixed by the Idol bosses, citing contractual issues and to the timing of the upcoming American Idol tour (which begins on July 1).

The Salt Lake City concert was being planned for tomorrow, Friday the 6th, with all proceeds going to charity.  While some might be upset with the Idol brass for displaying their cold black hearts and hating charities, this isn't the case (Idol Gives Back) and preparing for the tour is a big deal.  And it's not like those kind people of Utah won't have chance to see their favorite boy wonder; the American Idol tour has two scheduled tour dates in Utah.  This is probably the first time a big concert tour will play two straight nights in the state of Utah since the Osmonds were in their prime. 

In other American Idol news, Nigel Lythgoe has admitted that he didn't want George W. Bush to appear on Idol Gives Back earlier this year, because they were “embarrassed” by Bush's lack of effort to combat the very poverty (in Africa and in the US) that Idol Gives Back strives to quell.  FOX eventually relented, but Lythgoe apparently wasn't too pleased with it.  Lest I inject some unnecessary political discussion into an article about a television show, I will merely say this: I totally understand where Lythgoe is coming from.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: LA Times, MTV, TV Guide
(Image Courtesy of FOX)