'American Idol' Chicago Auditions: The One Singer to Watch
'American Idol' Chicago Auditions: The One Singer to Watch
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The American Idol judges are on record predicting that a girl will win season 12. I take that with a huge grain of salt because history is not on their side. Even if they pimp the ladies like Terrence Howard in Hustle and Flow, it's hard to fight the establishment.

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It's also hard because the Chicago auditions were all about the dudes. We had our first potential WGWG sighting in Josh Holiday (the guitar was implied) and a slew of other worthy male contestants.

There was the hot guy who only made it to Hollywood because Nicki Minaj wanted to bang him, Griffin Peterson.

There was the returning hot guy who made it to Hollywood because the Idol producers are still trying to figure out how to cash in on him, Johnny Keyser.

And then there was the guy EVERYONE IN THE WORLD will be talking about, Lazaro Arbos. In case Ryan Seacrest's repeated promises that he's the most inspirational human being ever fell on deaf ears, he's the guy with the intense stutter who sings beautifully. It's basically the American Idol version of The King's Speech. Yes, it's impressive, but my problem is that the more the producers hype something, the less impressed I am with it.

Susan Boyle wasn't a sensation because the show pimped her out ahead of time, she just performed and THEN went viral in a more authentic way. But when producers try to tell us that someone is "the next Susan Boyle" or that something will go viral, it diminishes the impact. You can't create virality, you can't manufacture a "moment" and you can't tell me what I should or shouldn't think. Because 100 percent of the time, on principal, I will think the opposite of what the show tries to force down my throat.

For me, the real breakout star who deserves to have the Internet buzzing came before him. Kez Ban was the fire performer whose entire segment was so meta it made me fall in love with her. She tried to pull back the curtain that hides all of the show's secrets about the way it's all edited and how much boring paperwork is involved. Her hip, rebellious nature reminded me a bit of a Heejun Han or a Chris Sligh, someone who is in on the joke unlike those foolish 17-year-old girls who think it's their life's dream to be the next American Idol. Kez knows this is a TV show.

But now it's on to the singer who could make it far.

The One to Watch:  Curtis Finch, Jr.

Every season of American Idol needs a soulful gospel singer, someone who can bring us to church every week. Last year we had Joshua Ledet. Before him there was Jacob Lusk and Michael Lynche. All three of them made the Top 5. And now we have Curtis Finch, Jr. His inspirational voice wowed the judges and proved that he could fill that role this year.

What did you think of the Chicago auditions on American Idol season 12? Were you inspired by Lazaro? Did your lady parts tingle from Griffin and Johnny? Is Curtis Finch, Jr. the real deal?

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