American Idol: Best User Comments, Pro-Sanjaya Edition
It's incredible how many Sanjaya Malakar supporters have come out of the woodwork over the past American Idol week, and the degree to which all those Sanjaya bashers have gone away, apparently silenced by his surprisingly solid performance on Tuesday.  In honor of Sanjaya's newfound support, here are a few of our best pro-Sanjaya user comments.

Remember, we're going to be posting the best American Idol user comments from all of you a few times a week, so post away.

Jim from California said
:  If I was a major studio executive. The first thing I would do is to get a contract with SANJAYA immediately. Get good song writers and make some music. He is a star already, The whole world knows Sanjaya. Thats millions of cds. The rest of the singers are so called generic singers. They could sing, but they dont have the "IT" Factor. Sanjaya has that factor. I wish him luck. Too bad J's record is in nyc and I am sure Framantle is making sure he signs with them. (By the way, lets write intelligently here. Please lets use our mind)

alm from SLC said: I do agree that Sanjaya has the makings of a pop star. I think that no matter whether he wins American Idol or not, at this point, if he desires to be a pop star, the way will be open to him. His looks are suited to dramatic costuming and dress. His tenor voice is appealing. His modest demeanor and dazzling smile are disarming. He could learn to dance better, polish up all his skills a bit, but the guy is only seventeen. He has the raw materials and time. I wish him all the best. For me, he brightens up American Idol each week. I look forward to seeing him perform.

j from the usa said:  Very good point. Given the amount of negative media hype, I'd think few would agree, but I think Sanjaya absolutely has a higher chance of being marketable than most of the idols on the show. As for the age range, I think it's fair. I'm not a tween, but if he attracts that much genuine interest from that age group, and they want him as a pop star, then why not? Every year is different. One year we got an older idol with Taylor. This year could be younger one. No one ever said that ONE age group had to win every year. If I were a producer, I'd want to sign Sanjaya because he looks promising. I also don't buy all the negative hype. They do that every year anyway. I also wouldn't mind that age group winning simply because according to Lythgoe, 4 to 5 of the top 12 end up with careers anyway. Look at Chris who sold 2 million CDs! He didn't win and just look. So really, it doesn't matter people. Just relax and enjoy the show.