American Idol: Best of the Best - Week 1
It's incredibly difficult to judge a singer based on their American Idol auditions.  Last year, for instance, my favorite audition in a landslide was that of Sundance Head.  It was incredible but, as it turned out, Sundance folded on the national stage, failing thanks to a combination of terrible song choices and a propensity to sing out of tune.  I also thought that Sanjaya Malakar had a good audition. (Shaking my head in shame.)  Then, there's people like Blake Lewis and Taylor Hicks, who only received two out of the three judges votes and, well, we know how they fared.  It's an inexact science.  Singing a capella in a room with good acoustics is an entirely different sport than singing into a microphone on national TV with a live band behind you.  Nonetheless, I've whittled down the good auditions from American Idol's first week to three stand outs and, not surprisingly, they're all ladies.  Videos are included.

Best of the Best #1 - Angela Martin

Angela is a single mother whose child suffers from a rare disease similar to Cerebral Palsy.  Angela appears to have a great support group in her friends and family, who all sing the praises of Angela.  Not only is she a great singer, she's a good person.  Attractive and someone who sings for a living, Angela simply has a great voice, powerful and in control.  The only negative point is a certain level of cheesiness that seeps into her audition, including a stupid ad-lib of “Simon” during her song.  The judges advise her to tone that down.  If she does, I see the top 24 in her future.

Best of the Best #2 - Kady Malloy

Sue me, I like it when the talented female singers are also hot.  I can't help it.  Looks aren't all Kady brings to the table, however – she's got a very good and versatile singing voice.  It might be a bit generic, but her modesty and talent should overcome any of that.  She gets extra points for her spot-on Britney Spears impression.

Best of the Best #3 - Pia Easley

Pia is the most exciting, atypical personality who's tried out so far.  She's tall, with a mini-Mohawk and has a great, deep bluesy voice that she has corralled nicely.  She is a model/musician, which is something I'm sure the FOX execs will like.  I'm genuinely excited to see what Pia does in Hollywood.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)