American Idol Babylon - Idol's Most Sordid Scandals
American Idol is known the world over as the most powerful force on television.  On the surface, American Idol is a simple talent competition ending with the promise of fame and fortune.  In reality, it is a crucible for type a personalities willing to do whatever it takes for their space in the spotlight.  When you bring large groups of that kind of personality together, you're going to have issues, and when you have issues, you're going to have scandals.  So, join BuddyTV Senior Writers Oscar Dahl and Jon Lachonis for a trip down memory lane as they examine American Idol's seven deadly sins!

From sexual harrassment, to law breakers, to fateful shout-outs, to indecent exposure, American Idol has had it all over its six years, and will no doubt bring more in the future.  In the meantime, Join us on a guided tour of American Idol's top seven scandals!