'American Idol' Austin Auditions Sneak Peek
'American Idol' Austin Auditions Sneak Peek
American Idol is going to Austin, Texas, where I may or may not live. Please don't come after me, just come over for some chips and queso! Let's take a look at what Austin, the Live Music Capitol of the World, has to offer in Wednesday night's auditions!

Singing, Yes, Romper, No
This girl has an awesome voice and the judges are loving it, but that hopefully that romper will stay in Austin and not make the trek to Hollywood. Maybe if it were in a different color? Not that it matters; this is a singing competition and this girl can SING. And check out J. Lo's bun! She couldn't rock the big Texas hair?

THIS! All Day Long
Okay, I can already tell you this will be my favorite (actual favorite) audition. Look at how casual this guy is! And how amazing! And what is that little piano recorder thing? For the first time, maybe ever, skatting works. I love him.

Bringing the Drama
Sometimes the use of "dynamics" impresses the judges. Sometimes, it is overdone and weird. Guess which one this audition is?

You're Gonna Love Him
But not for the reasons he wants you to.

Shake it!
I'm guessing it's a "no" for this gentleman. But man does he get into the music. Bonus: Steven Tyler is wearing a see-through plaid shirt. They exist!

Do these audition previews make your more or less excited for the Austin auditions? I think I feel more excited, even though there will be an inevitable montage of "weird" auditions related to the saying, "Keep Austin Weird." We can get through it, guys!

(image and video courtesy of FOX)